The deepest level of the Folly is a vast, echoing cathedral-like space. Its wall is braced with great iron buttresses and ornamented with the shapes of screaming beasts and wrathful angels jutting forth, as if they had somehow been fused alive with the metalwork around them. This huge & sinister chamber is cold enough to make breath frost in the still and silent air.

This is the home page for the Dark Heresy campaign “Emperor Preserve” in San Francisco.

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The Imperium is tottering on the brink of ruin & disaster. Enemies surround mankind: terrible, rapacious and horrific enemies that seek to destroy humanity utterly. Across the Imperium, man is caught up in countless struggles to survive. Doom fills the air, and the end is nigh…unless the Emperor’s Inquisition can somehow turn back the overwhelming tide of dread & ruin…

A special team of Acolytes of the Inquisition are being dispatched….

Local Gaming News & Events
* The ENnie nominated Warhammer 40k Podcast – GRIM DARK PODCAST

* March 28 – EndGame’s annual Game Auction
* Saturday April 11 International Tabletop Day
* June 5-7 Virtual gaming ConLUGCon-
* June 20 – Annual Free RPG Day; your FLGS is probably giving away free Quickstarts & game modules this day.
* July 30 – August 2 – Anti-GenCon online Con (run via G+)
* July 30 – August 2 ConTessa virtual gaming con
* September 17-20 – Gamer Geekend virtual con -Gamer Geekend-
* October 16-18 – Gaming Convention – Big Bad Con in Oakland.
* October 23-25 VirtuaCon; RPG Geek’s Con using Hangouts: VirtuaCon
* November 8 Special Paranoia RPG event at Endgame: Paranoia at Endgame
* November 6-14 – JackerCon virtual gaming convention
* November 13-15 – AetherCon virtual gaming convention
* November 20-22 – Gaming Con in Sacramento – ConQuest Avalon
* December 11-13 Dead of Winter Invitational Con
* January 9 – Fantasy Grounds one-day virtual con – FGDaze
* Thursday January 21 EndGame of Oakland is having their monthly evening of casual RPG pick-up gaming, starting at 6:30pm.
* February 2, 2016 – Play something you’ve never played before on New Game Day

* February 12-15 – Gaming Convention – DunDraCon in San Ramon
* Thursday February 18 EndGame of Oakland is having their monthly evening of casual RPG pick-up gaming, starting at 6:30pm.
* April 1-3 – Gaming Convention – ConQuest SAC in Sacramento
* April 8-10 Fantasy Grounds Con Fantasy Grounds is hosting a virtual gaming con on their software.
* May 27-30, 2016 – Memorial Day Weekend KublaCon gaming convention in Burlingame
* June 17-19, 2016 – PolyCon in San Luis Obispo
* August 4 – August 7 – GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana. The grandaddy!
* September 2-5, 2016 – Labor Day Weekend CelestiCon in Fremont.
* September 2-5, 2016 – Labor Day Weekend PacifiCon in Santa Clara
* December 9-11 – Dead of Winter Invitational Gaming Con

Emperor Preserve wiki

Emperor Preserve

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