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Adept-Interlocutor Kosloff Rescued

Odessa...is that you??

The Emperor’s servants were fighting Cynewulf’s clansmen around the Ghostfire pollen silos when Dark heresy random 3last recorded. Once again, the Warlord’s men appeared no match for Inquisitor Vaarak’s cell. Besides those sent running in terror from Lexxicon’s warpish wiles, only one escaped in the truck – leaving the Acolytes wondering whether perhaps Cynewulf had been in their grasp…just to slip away. However, in the course of this victory the wounded Lydia was lit-up by multiple energy rounds by the mysterious figure in the truck, igniting her into a human inferno. Rest in peace Lydia Ya, your name will be recorded with reverence in the all-too-long rolls of those who have fallen in the Emperor’s holy service.

After significant debate, the Inquisitorial warband decided to immediately assault where they believed the prisoners were being kept in the portable cargo area, before Cynewulf could meaningfully rally his corrupt troops.

The Cell snuck in among the gaps between the portable Ghostfire cargo containers & Arion, as before, reconned the target. Lexxicon brushed their enemies’ weapons with the warp, fouling their ability to fire. Crucius & Intios fired from atop the cargo containers while Arion searched cargo containers. The Acolytes made short work of Cynewulf’s reduced prison guard presence and in the process rescued Adept-Interlocutor Kosloff. They were also surprised to discover another prisoner who proved to be an Acolyte of their own Inquisitor!

In the engagement Odessa was the only one who experienced any trouble, but from the vexxing warp rather than their foes. In an experience that the others in the Cell were still trying to understand, Odessa briefly turned on her own, attacking Lexxicon – though blessedly ineffectively. Lexxicon, seemingly blessed with insight from the Emperor himself, decided not to use lethal force against her attacker Odessa, whom she’d known for only a few minutes.

After dispatching their foes the Acolytes strove to contact their Prime Mazion to report they hadSeraphim the living Adept-Interlocutor. In time, Mazion replied that the Daemon was returning to Port Suffering & that they would be evacuated shortly with the Adept. Three Battle Sisters provided cover for the operation & now all are safely aboard Imperial Naval ships in orbit.
Orbiting iocanthos
The Acolytes provided a debrief to Mazion & proceeded to train hard for next when they would be called upon.

Acolyte Prime Mazion called them into a meeting with two members of the Mechanicus, Engineer Drustillot & Technographer Trantor, who gave a report about a broken Tarot Card with Xeno-tech circuitry inside that was recovered from the foot of the alter in the Stern Hope Cathedral. It was thought to be one of Aristarchus’ Tarot Cards, that he focused on so often and was one of the cards the Acolytes saw revolving around Aristarchus when he was on the altar.

Acolyte Mazion told the Cell that he knew they were eager to finish their job at Port Suffering to send Warlord Cynewulf to his afterlife, but that mission would have to be put aside if the Daemon was in close proximity. In the meantime, they were to follow-up on this forbidden Xeno-tech.


[Intios: From my position behind the corner of the building facing the makeshift prison, I exchanged fire with a clansman approximately 50 meters from me while Lydia opens up with a full auto burst from her autopistol. I can hear Las fire behind the silo, which I assume is Crucius guarding our rear flank. While Lydia is looking down the same alley I am, I decide to make a run toward the truck. We heard orders being barked out of the truck so we all assumed it was someone of authority within the clansmen.

I turn the corner of the building and start a full sprint towards the truck. I got no further than 10 meters when the sound of Las fire came from the truck in my direction. The shot barely missed me at over 100 meters but did stop me in my tracks. I am able to see the driver using his door as cover as he is taking aimed shots at whoever is out in the open. I run back towards the corner of the building just as Lydia finishes returning fire at whoever is by the prison. Just as I turn the corner for cover, Lydia Ya is hit in the back with a Las shot. She was already wounded but this round of energy damage drops her for good. Her body is aflame after being hit.

We all heard the truck start its engines. It starts doing a complete 180 degree turn in order to leave the area. Some of us a take a few shots at the truck but to no avail. Our entire group huddles up in our hiding place between silos 1 and 2. There is quick but heated debate of our next course of immediate action. All of us have taken significant wounds with Lydia no longer amongst the living. Lexxicon quickly starts her psychic healing process. I swear this time she did more damage than good.

We decided that although wounded, the element of surprise was still on our side. We will infiltrate the makeshift prison once again. Arion quickly scales the wall to get into the prison while Lexxicon invokes her floating powers to get over the wall. Crucius Magnus and I decided to take positions along the wall so that we can cover the large open space by the cargo containers. In a well-timed group effort, Lexxicon used her abilities to jam the weapons of our enemies. Crucius identifies four targets in the open and which ones seem most dangerous. Arion then sneaks up to one of the container doors and goes in. In Arion’s communication to us, apparently this is not a makeshift prison but instead also used to store dead bodies.

Apparently, one of the prisoners was another acolyte sent by Inquisitor Vaarak. Arion frees a psyker named Odessa. When Arion steps out of the container, he is quickly spotted. The clansmen now realize that all of their weapons have jammed. I take my cue from Crucius as he fires upon the exposed clansmen. As soon as Crucius rains down Las fire, I follow-up with my own aimed shots at each clansman. We are able to drop three of them quickly while one went to hide behind a box. The hiding clansman fires a single flare into the night sky. That is also our cue to locate whoever we can and get out of here quickly.

I see Arion run into the container door closest to me. Immediately thereafter, we see a clansman coming in through the front door. Crucius has now jumped off of the wall and ran for the cover of the tables below. This new clansman and the fourth in the open square proved no match for well-aimed shots from my fellow acolyte. With no more targets in our vicinity, I run along the wall towards the corner to make sure that no more reinforcements are coming.

As our firefight was going on, apparently our recently rescued psyker, Odessa, manifested some sort of warp phenomenon. It looks like the two psykers were evoking powers upon each other. Luckily no one was wounded. After Arion ran into the container, I heard over the vox communicator, “I found Interlocutor Kosloff! We’re coming out!” We all see Arion run out of the container with Kosloff over his shoulder. We grouped up briefly and decided to go back to our safe house. With no pursuers in sight, we all escape into the darkness of Port Suffering.

From the confines of our hideout, we sent a message over our vox on all frequencies stating, “Interlocutor Kosloff found alive, repeat found alive. Requesting extraction.” We sent this message out every hour until by daybreak, we finally heard a response. It was our acting prime, Scalprum Mazion, who responded by asking for our location and the status of Interlocutor Kosloff. We had stabilized Kosloff and said that the area around the Infirmary was clear for extraction.

Within 30 minutes, we heard a message to start preparing for an air extraction. Three ladies from the Adeptus Sororitas landed on top of the infirmary. Minutes later, a drop ship landed in front of the infirmary and another battle sister steps out with a few of her crew. She asked us if the Interlocutor was secure. We led her crew to pick up Kosloff. We all jump onboard with our entire team leaving Port Suffering with Kosloff alive.]


I dare you to call any Sister of the Sororitas ‘lady’ to her face. ;)

Adept-Interlocutor Kosloff Rescued

I deliberately left out the part when Arion tried to hit on one of the Sisters of Battle. I thought I’d leave those words to our smooth assassin.

Adept-Interlocutor Kosloff Rescued
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