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Assassins Turned Rescuers

"I hope this guy's worth it"

When we’d left our intrepid Acolytes, they had bravely freed the badly injured Rogue Trader Zeities Dyreson from a truck directly in front of The Counting House. We pick up the action with them carrying his limp form back to their hideout in The Refectory.

Warden Julo Bendegar, of the Divisio Immoralis that had been working undercover in the Port, made contact & joined the Cell in The Refectory – having identified them as allies after witnessing them free Dyreson.

Four members of the Cell – Arion, Lydia Ya, Julo & Lexxicon – began an extensive recon over towards where Julo thought the vile invaders were holding prisoners. Crucius Magnus & Intios stayed behind at the hideout to look after Zeities Dyreson. All the Acolytes held their breath, however, when they heard a commotion towards The Counting House that they figured could only mean that the Rogue Trader’s escape had been discovered.

Their colleagues at the hideout soon reported that a group of foes had entered The Refectory, were going door-to-door and that it was only a matter of time before they arrived. The recon crew quickly raced back that direction & waited outside the wall of the Imperial-guest compound, to see what would happen but nearby if a battle ensued. Sure enough, a squad of men barreled into the hideout and quickly discovered the escaped prisoner.

Intios: Our guardsman, Crucius Magnus and I decided to stay behind at the Refectory as the rest of our team went out into Port Suffering to do more reconnaissance of the town. We had earlier rescued a prisoner and identified him as a Rogue Trader by the name Zeities Dyreson based on our pre-mission intelligence.

We started to hear rumblings within the Refectory, which must have meant that the local gang had discovered that their prisoner was missing from the back of their truck. I motioned to Crucius Magnus to hide Zeities Dyreson inside one of the kitchen cupboards. As we finished hiding a still unconscious Dyreson into the cupboard, we could hear commotion getting closer to our makeshift quarters. Crucius and I went back to the living area but decided to keep our weapons and armor hidden underneath a nearby desk.

Just moments later, two men of the local warlord clan burst into our quarters. The two were followed by a commander that they referred to as Lieutenant. Their Lt. saw me & Crucius Magnus and asked if it was only the two of us. The first two men went onto ransack our quarters looking for their escaped prisoner. One of the men went into the kitchen and discovered their lost prisoner. As that happened the Lt. told us to hit the ground and also called for reinforcements.

Seeing what the local warlord has done to his prisoners, we knew that being captured was not an option. Crucius Magnus and I both attempted flying leaps over the table which had our equipment. By the grace of the Emperor, I was able to make it behind the table and land into a crouching position. Crucius was not as lucky as he took a burst of fire from the Lt. I went for my weapons and pulled out my hand cannon as Crucius pulled out his Lasgun.

In the initial moments of combat, I squeezed off two unsuccessful shots from my hand cannon. By this time, more reinforcements had arrived and we were facing five clansmen. Crucius Magnus then changed tactics and pulled out his frag grenade. While it seemed like he was not successful in throwing the grenade exactly where he wanted, we could see the psychological effects of a grenade going off in close quarters. I too decided to pull a frag grenade from my stash.

My first throw during the heat of combat was also not as successful as I would have liked. By the grace of the Emperor, my second throw landed exactly where I wanted and was able to affect three of the clansmen, including their Lt., within the blast radius. With three down we thought the last two would go down fast as well. Crucius Magnus went searching for one clansman that went to hide near the bedrooms. As Crucius disposed of the clansman near the bedroom, I could see that the one who initially found Zeities Dyreson was still alive and hiding behind cover in the kitchen. I took a couple shots with my hand cannon but to no avail. Crucius then snuck up to the corner of the kitchen and dropped another well placed grenade to take care of the final clansman.

With all 5 clansmen taken care of, we decided to strap on all of our armor and proceed out of our quarters to meet up with the rest of the team.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Emperor’s defenders had cleared the wall, were inside the compound and were sprinting for the hideout – fearing the worst as they heard numerous explosions inside from the grenades. Somehow, though outnumbered, the faithless scum were dispatched inside the Acolytes’ hideout while the Emperor’s wall-scalers held off the hordes at The Refectory entrance.

The Cell quickly decided to commence their egress & made a break for the corner of the compound farthest from the entrance – Arion with Zeities Dyreson over his shoulder.

Lydia Ya: Our team outside of the Refectory was quickly called back because the local warlord had now discovered that their prisoner had gone missing. We scaled the wall opposite of our hideout so as to not attract attention. We all made it down the wall and proceeded towards the maintenance building, which was across from our hideout. We all heard multiple explosions coming from nearby the hideout. As I rounded the corner of the maintenance building, I was spotted by two of the warlord’s guards. Shots were fired toward me and I was hit in the body. I immediately dropped down and began counter fire with my autogun. As our battle began, I was able to hit two of the guards. But as the firefight was in progress in front of me, I started to hear what sounded like Las fire and a possible shotgun fire behind me.

That was when our new assassin, Arion, told the group that he was carrying Zeities Dyreson out of the hideout. To my surprise, both Crucius and Intios were running out of the hideout behind Arion. They were all heading toward the opposite wall in order to escape.

Our psyker, Lexxicon, saw the retreat and ran towards the back wall. I got up onto my feet and followed her lead. We were all in full sprints toward the back wall away from the entryway of the Refectory.

As I made it to the corner of a building covering the back wall, I could see that the entire group was not at the wall yet. Arion shouted into the bead-vox that they were still being fired upon from multiple sides. From my corner vantage point, we were out of sight from the men on the roof but I could still see guards rushing towards us. I opened up my autogun for a full automatic burst in an attempt to suppress the Emperor’s enemies. The initial group of about 3 men scattered and ran for cover. I had to reload my clip but soon thereafter, I could see another 4 or so men in pursuit. I then fired another full auto burst to suppress the enemy. While I could not tell if I hit anyone, they all scattered to find cover. By this point, all of our members and our rescued prisoner were near the wall. I certainly hope this Rogue Trader is worth all this trouble…


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Assassins Turned Rescuers
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