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Slaughter at The Clockwork Court

This is unlikely to have a calming effect on the city.

Court_Guard_Battlion.pngFrom: Officer Lashunda Levers; CGB (Court Guard Battalion)
To: Captain Goradin Mottershead; CGB

Lieutenant Cabeza asked me to assemble an accounting of the Acolytes of the most holy Inquisition during the assault on the Clockwork Court, which saw the treasonous slaughter of thirteen members of our august Quorum and the murder of Sinophia’s most beloved Judiciary. I have pieced together a collection of information from first hand witnesses, as well as conclusions of our Observatta Division (OD) drawn from the physical evidence. Assuming it meets with your approval, the Lieutenant told me it was his intention to make it part of the official file.

Task Force Sciscitatio (TFS), as I am told this section of Acolytes are entitled, were at CGB Station Sophos awaiting approval to proceed into the Court proper. A series of explosions sent the Court Guard galvanizing into brave concerted action. TFS charged into the Court towards the sound.

Acolyte Arion, it is believed, quickly entered the Office of Protocol, where he likely witnessed the results of the savage dismemberment of the Revered Signiteitus Dorvillier and his entire staff. He valiently engaged the monstrous assassin he found there, designated “Primum”, hacking it to pieces until it self-immolated.
Acolyte Kensong, an obvious Mechanicus represetative of TFS, probably engaged with the Brass Servant Ascella, for reasons unknown. CGB Mechanicus Attachment LockGauss-43 has been ordered to closely observe the Brass Servants for the next several weeks to ensure no aberrant behavior.

Acolytes Intios & Acolyte Rommulus advanced down the corridor leading to Gate Pius, where they likely heard the screams of the dying nobility inside. There they were confronted with a monstrous attacker, designated “Secundo”, that probably killed many or all of the slain nobles in the Brass Court itself. Since both Acolyte Karpath & Acolyte Intios both wield las weapons, it is unknown which shot off his scorch-marked arm, which was found just inside the Pius Gate. Despite the severe maiming, “Secundo” proved a dangerous unarmed combatant, fracturing a number of Acolyte Karpath’s ribs with his fist.

There Officer Billyet Gaisch stood his ground at Gate Pius, all but emptying his sidearm into the invader until being thrown against the wall, breaking his back in three places. (Biologis Inferior Laxthick reports that his soul joined the Emperor shortly thereafter due to pulverized organs. Officer Gaisch was a CGB veteran of 17 years, and Lieutenant Cebeza has filed a proposal for a brass plaque in his honor at Gate Pius.)

Acolyte Kensong & CGB Sergeant Jonel Gattel pursued “Secundo” into the Office of the Judiciary. Before this foul assassin could be felled (resulting in self-immolation), the Judiciary and immediate staff were dismembered and Biologis Inferior Laxthick reports that Officer Gattel perished when an organ was pulled out of his midsection. Acolyte Kensong remains in perilous condition, having sustained a shattering blow to the leg & being in proximity to the fiery charge that immolated “Secundo”; it is not known whether he will survive.

Two CGB guards assigned to Gate Pius that morning, Officers Buck Bonigan & Beyale Chenanus, were found in a state of extreme duress under respective tables in the Brass Court. As with all CGB guards posted in the Court proper, their prior records are exemplary & therefore their behavior is unexplained. Fellow officers, whose identity I could not ascertain, said that Officer Chenanus was screaming about a poisonous dust that would soon kill everyone in the city. Officer Bonigan was found trying to pull out his tongue – thankfully unsuccessfully. Both officers currently reside in medicae.

Court Clerk Magale Fuele reported that the attacker she saw resembled her mother, who’d been missing for over a year. (Clark Fuele only spoke to me on the condition that I swore to add that her mother was a sweet woman that raised five children – and would never do such a thing.) Enforcer Arnus Bichak, at the Court on Enforcer business that morning, said he thought one of the attackers resembled one of the odd robed gangers he’d encountered in the deserted District II some time back.

Officer Rekar Galek, a rookie officer replacing recently injured regular personnel, reports that Acolyte Arion searched the pile of ashen remains of “Primum”, finding a live grenade, a scorched gun of some kind & and a “shiny item that reflected”. He said it was largely covered in goo, but that what could be seen held the light. OD Mariel Breutzmann reported that Acolyte Arion instructed he and OD Nerot Mattay, sorting the office of the Keeper of the Rolls, to watch for anything that resembled a mirror, or piece of one. OD Mattay added that Acolyte Arion found a decent-sized wooden box, broken at the hinge. The Acolyte momentarily seemed somewhat mesmerized by its interior. Officer Pantelakis, posted in that room, observed the interior of the box over the Acolyte’s shoulder and told me it had ornate carvings, but was empty. Officer Pantelakis has since reported to Medicae for an unknown malady.

Soon after the cessation of hostilities, TFS had sought out the Office of the Sagacity. Lady Tassel was reported to be in severe shock and, as confirmed by Medicae Inferior Avitus, Acolyte Intios labored to improve her condition. Acolyte Arion commandeered OD Mattay, OD Breutzmann and possibly another officer I could not identify. He instructed them to help Acolyte Karpath & himself organize the abundance of scattered paper in the Sagacity’s office, for reasons unknown.Clockwork_Court_-_Crystal_lattice_dome.jpg


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