Emperor Preserve

Cold, Wet and Confused - Portheos' Personal Notes

Exploring a cellar without any wine...


Why am I here in this dank cellar, surrounded by this handful of psychopaths instead of back in the librarium with my books and a nice bottle of amasec? Yet the Inquisition calls and I must answer. So I follow them into the bowels of this horrible demesne in search of corruption to root out.

The first room was horrible – I found myself face to face with a combat servitor that not only nearly removed my entire handsome face, but it nearly ruined my favourite hat in the process. Yes, yes, the rest of my ‘peers’ were there and faced off against some deranged man in a lab coat – a coroner I believe. And yes I was saved by one of them who decided to bring a shotgun to a sword fight – but my HAT was nearly RUINED. I collapsed at the mere thought of being left so bereft of that delightful number.

As if that wasn’t enough, after we cleared out that servitor and some other minions.. the very bodies in the room came to life! Emperor save me, such things are beyond the pale. Coupled with the hat.. I could not even bring myself to enter that accursed place until my compatriots had cleared out what remained of those things. Once they had done the dirty work we made our way deeper in as I summoned my strength and courage to press onwards. Down the hall we came across a series of cells holding some poor souls who were gratefully still alive and not trying to kill us. We encountered this salty though capable trooper and some of his cohort. Oh….. and a sister.

Yes, a bloody sister. If it wasn’t bad enough that I’m getting my face chewed up by a chain sword, my favourite hat was nearly shredded, and here we are in a dusty, dark and utterly uncomfortable prison – I now have to watch my back against a witch hunter! Sanctioning means little to those fanatical daughters of our blessed Emperor and should she take a dislike to my use of the warp to aid us then my life is forfeit. I will have to be wary of her until I can be assured of her motives.

I need to go now, our elevator that we commandeered has come to a halt and the rest of our group is restless. Given what we’ve seen so far, my heart is racing in anxiety over what horrors await us still…


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