Emperor Preserve

In Control of the Three Stakes Rest Manufactorum...for Now

Can't an Acolyte loot in peace?


From: Intios; Adeptus Administratum & Acolyte of the Holy Inquisition, Ordo Hereticus

When we last left our Sciscitatio Task Force, Arion had taken a snipers bullet and Intios had taken a point blank blast from a shotgun. Karpath only hearing their last muffled screams through the vox decided to investigate after taking care of his immediate foe. Odessa was guarding the roll-up door entrance.
There were multiple Deathskin gangers at the entrance but Odessa was keeping them at bay. Karpath was able to reach Intios’s last position where he spotted one more attacker. Karpath took him out with a few careful Las shots but not before seeing a mysterious figure escape through a trap door in the ground. Karpath deciding that it may not be a good idea to go down the trap door alone, he proceeded to gather up Arion and Intios’ bodies. He then started looking around the manufactorum and discovered a body count of 10 attackers.
One of the snipers had an ID named Arbalon Cusher as well as a key card. The other sniper had a tattoo on his neck saying Grygiel. A micro bead was taken off of the sniper but there seemed to be no current communications. Another ID was found on an autogun carrying attacker with the name of Garret Biever. While Karpath was taking inventory of the bodies, the blood from the grates was still pouring out. He also discovered a cage with two live prisoners in the north east area of the manufactorum.

Karpath then sees a small passage leading away from the east side. He takes a quick look and first smells food and then what appears to be an area with multiple sleeping cots. Again, deciding that searching this area on his own may not be the best idea, he steps out and relays what he discovers to Odessa via their vox line.

Moments later, Karpath sees what he describes as a blue funnel cloud appear 30 meters away from him. The cloud is about 3 meters wide and maybe 4 meters tall…and appeared to be growing. As this unusual cloud starts to make Karpath uneasy, he quickly calls Odessa for her opinion on this possible warp phenomenon. Karpath and Odessa soon switch places, with Karpath guarding the door while Odessa investigates the cloud.

Odessa discerns that the cloud is of definite warp nature but with her sanctioned training, she is able to resist any effects. Odessa quickly questions the two prisoners before heading into the east tunnel. Neither Odessa nor Karpath were able to use the controls to close the roll up door. As Karpath did not want the Deathskin gangers interrupting their investigation, he throws a couple of grenades and along with a few well-placed Las shots; he is able to collapse the roof of the entrance.
Karpath quickly joins Odessa along the eastern tunnel. With the key card found, the two were able to open a door that lead into what seemed like a private office. There were documents detailing older Trade Sable transactions. Some of the documents even had a few names, with Lans Guljian being one of them. Moments later, a lone combat servitor comes to life. Unable to deactivate it, the servitor charges Odessa with its chainaxe. Odessa is able to run out of the room and find cover. While doing so, Karpath unleashes a semi-auto burst of Las fire into the servitor. While effective, it does not stop the servitor. The servitor wheels around onto Karpath and connects with its chainaxe.

Unable to keep his feet, Karpath reels back and drops his Las gun. Odessa is able to summon her bio-lightning and hit the servitor square in the body. Still the servitor is up. With Odessa being the only cell member on her feet, she knows she needs to put an end to this servitor and get out alive.


Thanks Winston…er, Intios…good work!

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