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Divine Disagreement Settled with Blades & LasGuns

Inquisitor Karkalla might call it "aggressive negotiation"


From: Intios; Adeptus Administratum & Acolyte of the Holy Inquisition, Ordo Hereticus

My Investigation Notes
The three of us made our way to the rearward part of Ambulon. We found the Joyous Choir facility fairly easily. A quick scan of the area showed that the Joyous Choir building was not attached to the other structures like everywhere else. There was a fairly open courtyard with some Magistratum type personnel walking through. We did notice that there were a few people walking about the courtyard that never left.

It was decided that I would approach the temple and one of the people walking about the courtyard. In order to be more discreet, Arion and Odessa left and found a nearby café where they would follow my progress via vox. As I approach three gentlemen standing about 10 meters from the temple, two of them walk off. The one remaining identified himself as Nathaniel and confirmed that this was the Joyous Choir temple. He told me to feel free and use the main hall or meditation rooms for quiet contemplation on becoming True.

I walked around the front and side of the temple and could not find any way of getting in through the top of the structure. Inside the temple I find a few locals in the main hall in quiet prayer. There is a balcony facing the main hall where I caught glimpses of someone watching me. One side of the main hall has a stained glass window that stretches over two stories. The other side lead to the meditation rooms. There were a few doors that were locked which lead me to believe that there was either a sub-level or another level up which I could not get into.

I join Arion and Odessa at the café and we decide to look for tall structures that have a view of the temple. We found a library which had a direct view. We see a small patch panel above the second floor of the temple. We decide to return after midnight to enter. Our climb up and into the temple was uneventful. We enter the panel door and find ourselves in one of the side rooms on the second floor. This is the balcony floor which I saw earlier in the day. Inside the last room on this floor, Arion could hear two voices and what sounded like the handling of weapons. We decide to go down to the main floor.

I tell the others of the meditation rooms and the main hall. There was one door in the end of the hall that I could not open. The use of the Auspex sensor showed two people inside the last room. We open the door and quickly dispatch the two people, who seemed to be dressed like the Pressure Point mercenaries that attacked House Strophes. We quickly search the room and soon hear the sounds of multiple footsteps coming towards us. Doors slam open and grenades start flying from both sides.

It is Arion who first exits the room and comes face to face with Theodosia. The same person we encountered in the Hustle and in the Alabaster Court. Grenade volleys are once again exchanged. I step out of the room into the main hall and see one person running away. I hit him with my lasgun but he is still able to run and call for possible reinforcements.

At this very moment, I hear the sound of a power sword and then a blow that nearly knocks the breath out of me. Theodosia managed to flank us and get into our room. I see Odessa light Theodosia up with her bio-lighting directly in the chest. Theodosia takes the hits and shrugs them right off. I fire a semi-auto burst that he is able to dodge. At this point, we all know. It’s either him or us.



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