Emperor Preserve

Escaping the Refectory & the Snipers

Finally checking-out of the Hotel Refectory & into the arms of the Eccliasarchy

When we left the Emperor’s defenders they dispatched all their foes to their final resting place save one at the entryway to the courtyard. He faded back around the corner & the Cell collected themselves.

Arion went along the top of the wall to the corner of The Refectory to reconn and was hit by a sniper’s round to disturbing effect. Lexxicon, peering over the wall, used the warp to cause the machine spirts in the sniper’s weapon to rebel & Arion set off outside the Refectory to hunt his attacker.


[Intios: As I finished reloading my hand cannon, I walked over to the first down clansmen on the roof. I see Arion jump on top of the wall of the Refectory to take a look around. At this moment, I hear a gunshot ring out behind me and see that Arion has taken a hit. It must have been someone from the opposite building because a shot from ground level would have proven difficult. As Arion goes down, I see our psyker Lexxicon jump towards to wall to take a look. She tapped into her power to stop the gun fire. Whatever she did must have worked because the gunfire ceased. When Arion got up after taking a hit, he started running along the roof to eventually get off and go after the sniper that hit him.

I grabbed a Las carbine and a light flak cloak off of the first corpse I saw. I went over to the next corpse and noticed he had a combat shotgun and an extra grenade. I started to drag his body toward the wall of the Refectory when I heard a single energy weapon shot. It felt like a sledgehammer hit me and my entire chest then felt like it was on fire. I could see my chest smoke as my flesh seared. I fell back and then things went black.

My fellow acolytes later told me that I was out for a minute and was hit by a sniper in the Counting House over 300 meters away! Our guardsman, Crucius Magnus, was able to take out the sniper in the Counting House balcony with a well-aimed shot of his own. I was about to take inventory of the third corpse when I saw a group of four clansmen appear on the rooftop in the next building. I saw Crucius take a direct hit from one of the new enemies. Crucius was knocked unconscious and I decided to take cover behind one of the roof’s exhaust vents.

As enemy fire was exploding around me, I see Lexxicon walk onto the wall. She yelled something towards the four enemies and started to chant something. Having seen Lexxicon’s work first hand, I just put my head down and turned away. She manifested something in the Warp and I could feel that I was not better off for it. Next thing I hear is Lexxicon say, “All’s clear!” I uncover my eyes and peer around the vent to see our attackers running away and climbing back off of the roof. As relieved as I was, this business of tapping into the Warp can be quite dangerous for everyone involved.

After eluding the guards, we searched the infirmary to look for medicine and tried to find an empty dwelling to heal our wounds. I noticed some artwork on the wall of some local scenery and beasts. I then saw a partial painting of a monster. Could this have been the daemon that took over Skae and Aristarchus? We were able to find a dwelling of a man later described to be Father Jibby Macatoon. He identified himself as a retired member of the Ecclesiarchy.

With Crucius and Lydia still unconscious from our fire fight in the Refectory, it was decided that we rest and fully heal before proceeding with our mission. We stayed in Father Jibby’s house for two full days. By the end of the second evening, we were ready to set off and decided to go to the area of town where we saw the prisoners tied down to the ground.

Upon reaching the makeshift prison area, which was formerly the dock and container area, we saw about 12 to 13 bodies tied to the ground. Arion could make out that there were two still barely living. We saw him hop over the wall to get into the prison compound before the rest of us went to hide. Arion told us that he spotted guards within the compound and possibly more prisoners. Seems like we need to make preparations for another assault. Time to get ready once again.]

The rest of the Cell began inventorying the corpses’ possessions on the roof while Crucius Magnus took a looksee at the interior of The Refectory. His infantryman’s combat senses tingled just prior to a sniper’s round zinging by from the high balcony of The Counting House some few hundred meters East. Crucius dropped prone, exchanged long-range fire and dropped the fiend with a headshot.

A Fire Team of the Port’s invaders popped over the Refectory wall onto a nearby roof & began exchanging fire with the Inquisitorial commandos. A powerful round from the leader of this Team struck Crucius, leaving a severe wound & concussed him hard to the ground – knocking him out cold.

Intios ducked behind the nearby cover of a vent, as a hail of shots from this Fire Team kicked up debris all around him. Lexxicon, crouched & unseen on the corner of The Refectory wall, shouted a modest insult at them to get their attention & painted herself with the horror of the warp. All fled in terror at the sight of her, down the rope they’d recently ascended.

Clearly the Emperor was with them, since in a nearby neighborhood they found an understanding retired member of the Eccliasarchy that sheltered them to heal & rest.

When the injured were back on their feet they set out to investigate the suspected location of the Warlord’s prison in the area of the portable cargo containers. Their assassin took to the roofs of the cargo containers & discovered a congregation of the Warlord’s men…perhaps what they were looking for…?


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