Emperor Preserve

Finding Adorjin

Possibly the first time anyone's ever ran TOWARDS a Black Ship

From: Odessa; Adeptus Administratum & Acolyte of the Holy Inquisition, Ordo Hereticus

Blue_Spirit_-_old_lady.jpg Acolyte Odessa reporting in on the cell’s progress through the Adorjin Space Hulk. It was an unnerving segment of our mission to say the least. Our resolve was tested and obviously found very plentiful. The encounter with the “Blue spirit” continued with my companions floundering around with the bizarre rose-smelling doll and fruitlessly shooting the spirit. Meanwhile, despite my grievous injuries from the unearthly beasts, I was dealing with the spirit most adroitly, setting it on psychic fire and mercilessly pounding it with blasts of bio lightning! Eventually it fled from me but not before making some attempt to become one with my mind. I was far too much for it of course, but it’s presence seemed to linger with me for some time after, providing me with visions of dubious value, most likely related to my usual(empire approved) daymares.

After defeating it, we carried on towards the presumed direction of the black ship. In a gigantic cavern seemingly constructed of rock and ships, we encountered a ghostly child which I bravely confronted with the help of the brother sergeant. Luckily it was not hostile and warned us of some unknown horror, at which time I sensed a warp related braying and crying in the distance. We chose to move along swiftly to reduce the likelihood of horror.

We moved on through airless corridors lined with metal collars attached to the walls. We weren’t sure of their purpose but decided that they were no good, and the brother sergeant removed them from the walls. Nearby the only way for us to continue was through a small hatch. Arion led the way and swiftly discovered a Dark Eldar lurking in the room beyond. It hurled some disturbing item which caused Intios and I to be incapacitated, myself briefly, Intios for a good long while. After recovering I assisted Arion with dispatching the xenos which seemed to be a subject of intense hatred on the part of Arion. Once I was helping with my powers of psychic shutdown Arion had no difficulty stabbing it to death. My compatriots were excited but clueless about the pistol it had been wielding.

Carrying on, we were assaulted in a corridor by two more of the horrible warp beasts which had wounded me earlier. Being quite important in dealingCalculus-Logi_Trempan.jpg with these creatures, I made sure I was not further injured and successfully provided psychic weakening so that my companions could deal with them and overall we had no great difficulty dispatching the monstrous things. Not so easily did we deal with the horrifying wave of beasts to come. From the other end of the corridor an indescribable mass of the things was coming towards us. We realized we had no chance of fighting them but only the brother sergeant acted with the needed conviction. He guided the rest of us down a side corridor then gave his life for us and the emperor by slowing the tide.

We scurried away from the issue so as to not waste the sacrifice of our companion. After passing through several more chambers we finally reached a cavern which contained the black ship we had been seeking in the distance. The horde of warp beasts were at our heels the entire way so we continued swiftly down a stone corridor which seemed to lead to the ship. Astoundingly we encountered another group of acolytes who had seemingly been sent on the same mission. The lack of confidence in our abilities by our Inquisitors was quite surprising to me. Our groups were able to convince each other that were not a threat and agreed to join forces for the time being.

We entered the black ship just as the horde reached us but strange sigils carved on to the black ship appeared to push them back and we were finally Sergeant_Forden.jpgsafe for the time being. I noticed that the psychic suppression sigils on the ship had however been defaced and were inactive. We carried on into the ship, hoping that we were near to discovering the fate of Adorjin. We encountered the ghostly girl again on the ship, she seemed excited to introduce us to some “others”, though seemed worried that we were Inquisitors. We did not reveal our association with the inquisition in order to first gather more information.

Shortly after that we came upon the others she was referring to, a large collection of ghostly people we deduced to be the spirits of the psychers-in-training who had died on the ship. One of them appeared to be the leader and called himself Crovus. He began indifferent towards us but slowly became more convinced we were associated with the inquisition which he took quite poorly. We were concerned some kind of confrontation was about to begin which we had no interest in engaging with, when another spirit interrupted Crovus, telling him to not bother the living. We hope this is Enginseer_Molochan.jpgsuccessful, the spirits should be put to rest, there but for the grace of the Emperor go I.


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