Emperor Preserve

The group eventually defeated the two mutants from the initial encounter.

Checked the hallway to discover eight tanks of industrial manufacturing fluid, later identified as explosive material for mining. One of the tanks had a crack and was leaking fluid.

There was one mutant hiding behind the tank. Mutant was defeated by group.

The opposite room from the tanks had a scene of carnage with body parts and ripped uniforms

Further explored the cave and ran into two mutants crouching behind a large rock.

The group threw one grenade into the room and destroyed both mutants with one blast.

We discovered a hole large enough to walk through in the back of the cave. The group threw one grenade down the hole as a precaution.

Group decides to rest for six hours. As players rested, the psyker Lexxicon performed healing onto necessary part members.

Group went back to the hole and discovered one single mutant that came through the hole.

Fear checks for all party members. All party members were stricken with fear to different degrees. Intios ran in fear for two full turns and Phaedros vomited at the site of the mutant and his swarming flies, which had humanoid faces on them.

Defeated the mutant/daemon by using a grenade that Lexiconn threw. Lexxicon also suffered a bit of grenade spread damage.

Eugertes walks down the hole on his own and discovers a large room with one dead mutant and another mutant with a fly swarm around it.

Eugertes makes a shoot with hunting rifle and scores a hit. Fly mutant charges Eugertes and tries a bite attack.

Eugertes and Crucius first engage mutant. The entire group goes down the hole during the first turn.

Second fly mutant appears from an opening at the far end of the large room. The mutant charges and engages the group in melee combat.

Lexxicon and Crucius go to end of large room and discover a 3rd fly mutant.

Crucius runs to the end of the opening and discovers a man sized statue of a chalice with a bird on top. There appears to be blood along the chalice.

Fourth mutant appears out of thin air three meters in front of the chalice.

Group decides to run from the chalice and threw a grenade into the small alcove where the chalice is sitting. Chalice is destroyed by the grenade and all mutant activity stops.

Group is met by the Imperial guard within the mine. After a brief debrief the group finally makes it out of the Gorgonid mine.

From orders of Interrogator Gaiseric, the group must speak with Interrogator Sand. From orders of
Inquisitor Vaarak, group is to undertake new mission to Iocanthos.


Ship purser Sebek is liaison on the Brazen Sky. Sebek had goods to sell away from the eyes of other passengers.

Destination: Iocanthos. Landing into Port Suffering.

Smyk, who worked for the UnderCouncil at Port Suffering came to greet the group. Group dismissed him by stating we were on an official Inquisitor mission.

Encountered a group of seven young punks after an initial run-in with an old local. Group engaged in fist to fist melee combat and battle ended with the punks running off at the same time official local police showed up.

The entire group took time away from game to add up experience points and pick new skills. Each
member also restocked their inventory by bartering with locals in the Pitts.

Met with Diviner Aristarchus. Aristarchus gave brief background of the Stern Hope Cathedral.

Group must make it to Stern Hope before consecration.

Two day drive to Stern Hope.

Intruder at perimeter during night rest. Discovered a local who had already died days ago but still standing.

Group found a symbol of a falcon clasping a skull. Discovered this symbol is of St. Drusus.


Thanks for putting that together Winston!

Gorgonid Mines Reopened
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