Emperor Preserve

In the Name of the Emperor at the O.K. Corral

Acolytes: "Put down your weapons, we have you surrounded!"

At the end of our last missive the Acolyte rescuers had all but arrived in the Southwest corner The refectory 2of The Refectory. Our bloodthirsty young assassin Arion, stuck at the rear bravely carrying the prisoner they’d sprung, Rogue Trader Zeities Dyreson, finally made it into the temporary safety of the clearing.

Most of the Acolytes rushed to the wall. Warden Julo Bendegar grabbed warp-wielding Lexxicon who, using her power, levitated them to the top of the wall, which Warden Julo Bendegar crawled onto. Julo took laser fire from down the street outside, which missed, and in turn laid down some fire at a small handful of bad guys advancing on them from a roof.


[Intios: After our battle within our makeshift headquarters, we rushed out to meet the others as they were running towards to opposite wall. It seemed like the goal was to scale the same wall that the others just repelled from. I made it through the opening and saw our assassin, Arion, carrying the body of the rogue trader trailing behind us. We all rushed to the wall and turned around to provide cover for Arion’s retreat. I noticed that Warden Julo Bendegar grabbed a hold of Lexxicon and proceeded to levitate up the wall. With Julo safely perched upon the wall, Lexxicon floated down to the ground.

I threw my rope over the wall but realized that we did not have a grappling hook for this particular coil. As Arion was approaching us, we came under fire from the clansmen that started to pour in through the opening between buildings. I saw Lydia Ya and Crucius Magnus grab hold of Lexxicon as she attempted to float up to the wall. Lexxicon immediately came under heavy fire as she tried to float up the wall. At the same time, Warden Julo Bendegar was taking fire from the ground level outside the wall as well as a few clansmen who took positions on the rooftop in the building next to us. The heat of battle must have disturbed Lexxicon’s concentration because she floated down with both Lydia and Crucius clutching her.

Arion made it to the wall and dropped . He then threw his rope over the wall and made sure that the grappling hook was secure on the other end. I decided to try for the high ground in order to provide better covering fire. With all of the gear on my back, attempting to scale the wall proved difficult. When I finally started climbing, a grenade went off a couple of meters from me. I felt a sharp pain in my lower body and could not help but lose grip of the rope. I was face down on the ground next to the adjacent wall. I must have been blown two meters off of the rope. From my vantage point, I could see that the grenades were coming from the clansmen on the roof. I started to run towards their building’s roof so that they would not have line of sight on me. As I was running, a grenade went off right next to me. By the grace of the emperor, I was able to dive out of the blast of the grenade.

The grenade blast must have been substantial because my last recollection of Lydia Ya was seeing her face down on the dirt. My team must have taken care of the clansmen on the roof because Lexxicon motioned to me to grab onto her so that she can levitate me up to the rooftop. As I jumped onto the roof, I see three down clansmen. I start to reload my hand cannon but I have an eerie feeling that we are not out of this yet.]

Enemy started pouring into the clearing through the opening all the Acolytes had dashed through moments before. A massive gunfight ensued leaving the autogun-wielding Lydia Ya taking a dirt-nap, as well as a pile of dead foes.

[Lydia: From my corner vantage point, I was able to scatter the Emperor’s enemies that were chasing our group. Arion made it through the opening while still carrying the rogue trader over his shoulder. I made a run for the back wall that we just scaled over. I saw Lexxicon and Warden Julo Bendegar make their way up the 5 meter wall surrounding this complex. As they floated up, I laid some cover fire towards two new enemies pouring in through the opening. I saw Lexxicon float down on her own. Crucius Magnus and I immediately grabbed onto her so that we could be levitated up as well.

It seemed a floating target with two bodies hanging on was quite the target for our enemies. Lexxicon came under heavy fire and was forced back to the ground. As we landed, I took up a spot by the wall in order to get a better firing position. I was able to return the heavy fire with fire of my own. I then heard a grenade go off to my right and noticed that Intios was blown off of his rope that he was climbing.

At this time, our group heard a message through our personal vox communicators. Someone was asking if we have located the head official of Port Suffering. From our data, it would have been the local leader of the Sisters of Battle here on site. All I heard was a team member saying, “Engaging hostile ground forces. Taking heavy fire. Target not acquired.”

Crucius Magnus and I were able to take care of the enemies at they stepped through the opening. Between full auto burst to suppress the enemy and selected semi auto bursts, we were able to drop various enemies one at a time. Then at a most untimely moment, my auto gun malfunctions and stops firing. I began to relocate from my current position. Seconds later a grenade explodes directly to my right. All I felt was pain and then everything went black…]

Opponents on the roof began tossing grenades down on the clustered Inquisitorial warriors below, badly wounding Crucius Magnus and blowing Intios right off a rope he was climbing, heavily wounding him & knocking him unconscious.

From this mayhem Warden Warden Julo Bendegar, who had been trying to help Intios ascend, was knocked off the wall onto the street outside. There he was faced with multiple opponents, selling his life dearly but ultimately resulting in his charred corpse from multiple laser hits.

Eventually our intrepid defenders of the Golden Throne cleared the immediate area of most all foes.


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