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Interrogation of the Detainees

Sciscitatio explores a core Inquisitorial activity & Odessa's temper is revealed


From: Intios; Adeptus Administratum & Acolyte of the Holy Inquisition, Ordo Hereticus

After our stop at the quarter master’s, our group was told that we were to escort four detainees to the planet of Solomon. Inquisitor Karkalla originally tasked Interrogator Fredilinus for this assignment but since Fredilinus was searching for Inquisitor Whitlock, it fell upon our group to travel to Solomon with the detainees.

The Adeptus Arbites, based on Solomon, had interdicted a ship by the name of the Stellar Furioso. This ship was a smuggling vessel involved in the Cold Trade, which is the market for xenos artifacts, curiosities, lore, science and even for dangerous xenos creatures.. The four detainees were rounded up during a raid on a mid-hive lodge called Milo’s Refuge. Our assignment was to take the four detainees to the planet Solomon and deliver them to Arbitrator Haug Godgrafen on Hive Gloriana. Karkalla provided his signed letter of Sciscitatio and arranged for us Cell_Interrogation_2.jpgto travel on the merchant ship Veracium Ferit under the command of Captain Tatyanna Verankov.

During our 13 week void jump, we were to interrogate the detainees to find whatever clues or leads we could. Our first detainee was a man named Lothar Leavigne, a local leader of the Welder’s Order. Unfortunately for him, Odessa’s not so delicate interrogation put him in critical condition within the first minute of questioning. I had to medicae him to stabilize him for future questioning. We did find a satchel of paperwork on him. The paperwork did have three names on it: Siman, Ermenrich Torpiner and Pesold Grenz.Interrogation_and_Llo_sticks.jpg

Our second detainee was named Otho Varus. In his luggage we found the Open Hand insignia on his clothing that was a sign of The DeVayne Corporation. The DeVayne Corp holds rights to menial labor in the sector. Their origins were from the Ecclesiarchy but there was an apparent schism and have now evolved into a corporation. The Corporation has made its money off of its labor force. While Varus was not initially forthcoming, we found out from his dataslate that he is a bounty hunter for DeVayne Corp. He looks for runaway “thrawls” and most recently, thrawls from the mining planet of NDOK4. We later found out that it was Lothar Leavigne from whom he was intending to get information for his current bounty hunting assignment.
Our third detainee was named Cerrat Molia. He is a herald of the House of Guljian on the planet Solomon. House Guljian apparently owns many manufactorums on the planet. He was on Scintilla to meet with Marcus Hoff of House Krin. House Krin is known as “Drusus’s Bankers”. Molia arrived on a ship named the Knuzh. He was in the mid-hive to pick up a package but the Magistratum picked him up before the transaction was made. From Molia’s dataslate, we found out that House Guljian is now in debt. He claims no knowledge of the contents within the package he was told to pick up.

Our fourth detainee was Durhan Alrod. Unfortunately for him, Odessa put him in critical condition and it took a day to stabilize him. Alrod is identified as the owner of Milo’s Refuge. Besides the 4 detainees we already have, Alrod did confirm that a family of four, by the name of Saltz, did stay in his lodge and departed before the Magistratum roundup. While Alrod did not have any recollection of anyone using the comm system, we were able to piece together that the Stellar Furioso did call the lodge to ask if Cerrat Molia was present.
After making landfall on Solomon, we went to visit the Inquisition office to pass the information that we had gathered during our interrogation. We set up our meeting in Hive Gloriana with Arbitrator Godgrafen. While signing over the detainees, we told him to secure them for the time being and to have no outside contact. Godgrafen told us that he just heard of another smuggling ship, the Fleet Alexei, whose current whereabouts are unknown.

We wanted to follow our lead regarding House Guljian without causing any suspicion. We asked for any contacts he may have in the Spires. We were given the name of Sergeant Kitan Tauber of the local GlorAuthority, which is what the constabulary enforcers are called on this world. Upon meeting Sgt. Tauber, we asked him about House Guljian. He said that the Shining Goblet on the 25th floor of the Whittich Spire is where local nobles will often gather.

Before deciding on how to enter the Shining Goblet, we headed back to the Inquisition office and asked Clerk Dankert where we could get supplies. He said that he is aware that Aexel Essing has been known to supply members of the Inquisition with armor from time to time. Since walking into the Shining Goblet with Imperial Guard armor may be suspicious, I decided on wearing a flak vest underneath my set of robes. I left it to the others on how they wanted to don themselves. Now we just needed a set of credentials to get us into the Spires in the Upper Hive. Looks like we are heading back to Godgrafen for another favor.


That was awesome. I really like these. Good job.

Interrogation of the Detainees

DeVayne Corp? Intios’s auto quill was taking bad notes.

Interrogation of the Detainees
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