Emperor Preserve

Investigation of Lady Amorite’s manse

We are the Inquisition…without badges!


From: Intios, Adeptus Administratum & Acolyte of the Holy Inquisition, Ordo Hereticus

After Arion reached into the gooey remains of one of the undead, he brought back a portion of a mirror that was approximately 9 × 7 inches. He wasn’t able to fit it into the ornate box he found in the Eupheme Tassel’s office. He asked one of the court officers to find him an appropriately sized box.

The Sagacity, Lady Tassel seemed to be in shock from the mornings events. She wasn’t responding to my efforts to talk to her. Karpath took it upon himself to try to pry information from her through his sheer force of will. Needless to say, Lady Tassel did not respond and just went deeper into her already emotional state. Arion directed Karpath to help with the organization of paperwork in the office.


No more than a half hour later, we see a person dressed in carapace armor walk into the Sagacity’s office. She removes her helmet and with a sign of recognition in her eyes, identifies herself a Detective Vas Casetlla. Constantine has sent her to personally aid our investigation. I can see the distinct red collar on her uniform that identifies her as a detective or investigator. While most citizens of Sinophia have a downtrodden demeanor about them, there is a certain intensity in Vas’s eyes. I am curious to hear about what she has seen in the past.

While Arion was able to recruit help in cleaning the Sagacity’s office, I can see Karpath clearly struggling with the task of organizing paperwork. Remembering that he took a couple of blows from the undead creature, I told him to drop the paperwork and report to medicae immediately. With a smile and a half salute, he left the office before I could say anything else.

We were a bit pressed for time because we still had an appointment to meet with Enforcer General Xiabus Khan. With Lady Tassel still in a state of shock, we decided to leave her behind with the medicae personnel. Unfortunately Karpath will have to rest of a while as well. Vas said she had a sedan waiting and could take us to see the Enforcer General. We step outside to the sedan and Vas introduced us to Arbites Regulator Darell Lombardino.

With quick introductions out of the way, we were on our way to The Granted Sanctum of the Loyal Enforcers of the Edicts of the Judiciary’s Court. From the outside, it seemed like a large, moldering collection of connected town houses in District III. We had Lombardino stay with the car while Arion, Vas and I entered Enforcers’ Sanctum.

From the inside of the Sanctum, the Enforcers were definitely on alert. There seemed to be armed personnel everywhere we looked. We told the officer at their front desk that we were here to meet with Khan. The officer told us to wait, which did not seem to please Arion. Within minutes, we heard a single shot from a room further inside the Sanctum. All of the non-Enforcers within the lobby all took notice while the uniformed Enforcers carried on as if it were business as usual. No longer wanting to wait, Arion followed the sound of the shot to a room a couple doors down.


A single Enforcer walks out of the room with what looked like some traces of blood splattered on his face. Upon entering, we are met by a well dressed man named Alhaus Kent who says he is part of the noble family Freelon. He did not give any details of why a man was lying dead on the floor. Then an older gangly gentleman approached Arion and asked if he was with the Inquisition. Arion confirmed that we were. This gentleman identified himself as Eiael. I could tell by the tattoo on him that he had gone through sanctioning as a psyker on Terra. He said he was ordered to report to Interrogator Gaiseric here in Sinophia. This immediately caught my attention and we escorted Eiael out of the room.

I asked Eiael how he knew Gaiseric. He said they only met in passing, but he was ordered to meet Gaiseric here. Apparently, Eiael was caught on a Space Hulk, which may have delayed his arrival onto Sinophia by twelve years. (For more info on Interrogator Gaiseric, read the first 5 paragraphs of the first EVER Adventure Log: The Summons). Eiael had a meeting with the Sagacity Lady Tassel before the Clockwork Court turned into a fireball of a mess. He was dragged in by the Enforcers like many others. Eiael showed us an old parchment he found on the Space Hulk. The parchment specifically mentions Sinophia Magna and the most telling portion was the last paragraph where the writer states that he dared look into the mirror but was not sure it was his own reflection looking back at him.

With Eiael in the fold, we entered the Enforcer General’s office after we commandeered an officer to escort us in. Arion is asking Khan specific questions about the future seeing mirror or mirror shards. Khan claims to know nothing of such a mirror and continues to exclaim that if it’s a war that the Undertow wants, he will be the one to start and end it. Khan did confirm that he had someone tailing our cell. Then made mention of another possible Inquisitorial team on planet. He could not say why he thought another group would be Inquisition but did offer to us that they are very elusive.

Unfortunately our introduction to Enforcer General Khan did not seem too fruitful in regards to our investigation of the murders. Both the Undertow and Enforcers are blaming in each other for the recent turn of events. As we walked out of the Sanctum, Vas and Eiael asked about the significance of this mirror we had. Eiael is shown the mirror shard by Arion at the back of the Arbites sedan. He described the experience as not just seeing a reflection of himself, but it looks like he is looking at himself through a window. I believe that experience is enough even for a sanctioned psyker to see that we are dealing with something most unnatural.


We decided to go to the Medicae Functionary in District III, where we were told that Lady Tassel and Karpath were taken. Upon arrival, we discover that Lady Tassel is in the Mind of the Emperor wing of the Functionary while Karpath is in extended care. A quick check also shows that our new Mechanicus tech priest was also sent here after the engagement at the Clockwork Court. We saw that Kensong was indeed still alive but barely holding onto life. He is still in a critical state but will eventually pull through. Another wing down, we find Karpath immobilized with a hard sleeve around his torso. Apparently the undead creature broke a rib or two. Karpath is conscious and quite eager to join us but we tell him he will be more useful healthy and to get as much rest as he can.

We locate Lady Tassel and decide to move her out of the Functionary and take her back to Haarlock’s Folly. Hopefully at the Folly, we would be away from more prying eyes. Upon entering the Folly, we were greeted by Officer Yeremi Lueker at the main desk. He nodded knowingly to Vas as we walked in. After securing a more private area on the second floor, it was apparent that Lady Tassel was still in a state of shock. I told the others that we probably do not have much time and will have to do what I can to get her out of this state.

I reached into my medikit for some stimm. Gave it to Lady Tassel and waited just a few moments for her eyes to open wide. Looks like the dosage worked. We start asking our questions regarding the future seeing mirror that we have heard about. Lady Tassel, now more cognizant, begins to tell about how her grandfather found and discovered the nature of the mirror. She wasn’t sure if the mirror originated with Terresa Sinos, who was the Rogue Trader that founded the planet, or with Erasmus Haarlock. She said that there were actually two mirrors that would show visages of distant worlds. She does believe that it was Haarlock who broke the mirror into 13 fragments. She also confirmed that there were 13 lightning strikes upon Haarlock’s Folly a few weeks back.

We did not want to leave the Sagacity at the Folly, so Eiael suggested we take her to his hab in District IV. We had Regulator Lombardino drive the entire lot of us in his sedan to District IV. Eiael walked up to the second floor door of his hab and immediately ran back to us and said he’s never coming back here again. We asked him what happened and he said that he sensed a warp presence/smell inside the room. We told Lombardino to keep an eye on Lady Tassel while the rest of us investigate Eiael’s hab. Eiael said that he specifically sensed a witch’s residual presence in his hab. I pull my auspex for readings but did not pick up anything unusual. I said thinking out loud, “It looks like we are being tailed again.” Eiael wondered how that could be since we just met a few hours ago. I corrected myself by saying, “It looks like another psyker has sensed your presence.” As I take a closer look at the hab, I have a tugging feeling that something is just not fitting into place. Logically speaking, everything seems almost unnaturally clean. I think that if Eiael is correct in his warp detections, that if he didn’t sense anything, we wouldn’t know that anyone was in his unit at all. This mystery pysker may be quite skilled as she is trying very hard to hide her tracks.

If we are indeed being followed, we cannot leave Lady Tassel here in Eiael’s hab. We decided to take her with us, but first we needed to go back to the Folly to get some equipment that may aid us in traveling through the shadow manses in District VII. Vas gets a skeleton key which should be able to open the gates in between the manses.

It is near dark when we identify the property that belongs to Lady Amorite. Within a high stone wall lies a grand house built of pale stone and roofed in black slate amidst a tangle of undergrowth; its windows sealed by shutters and its surface crawling with thick vines. Arion is the first to enter the large property and notes that the slip gates and main doors to the manse have both been broken in by brute force. Arion reports that the comms start to act up when he is within 20 meters of the manse door. Vas tells Lombardino to radio for backup. The response is that help will arrive within an hour. I have a strong feeling that things will be over with much sooner than that. We all rush to the front door of the manse. Arion in the lead, followed by Vas, Eiale and then myself.

The interior of the house is dark, with only vague shapes of rooms and furniture visible. The use of a stab light reveals ghostly shapes of grand furniture, portraits and artefacts all draped in thick cobwebs. The house smells of dust and neglect. We all hear a scream and crashing sounds from upstairs. Following the noise leads us to a room that is poorly lit by a candelabra held in the hand of a terrified old woman dressed in a tattered lace dress. Her hair is long, white and wild. She is screaming in terror at the cloaked figures that are slowly closing on her.



Arion is first through the door way and yelled some sort of profanity at the cloaked figures inside. He confirms 4 undead zombies towards the right side of the room and yells at the rest of us to snipe from the doorway. One of the undead actually followed Arion out through the door with its attention solely on Arion. Vas makes it through the doorway and into the room where I hear the distinct sound of a hand cannon go off. As I am running toward the doorway, I see Eiael shoot off a bolt of bio-lightning toward the undead that Arion is now engaged with. I finally make it to the doorway but are we in time to make a difference?


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