Emperor Preserve

Jailbreak Aborted

Discovered hunters hold back the hordes

Our intrepid defenders of the holy Golden Throne were poised to assault the Northwest corner of the portable cargo area from atop the cargo boxes. They hoped the area held prisoners the Inquisition was interested in finding.

The Cell’s assassin painted the many shadows of their focus, evaluating targets & attack vectors. He spotted three individuals, secluded in the darkness between cargo boxes, who appeared to be eating. He quietly hailed them but they were guards & immediately drew weapons letting loose bursts of laser fire. He gave them the slip but the enemy was now alerted, fanning out & hailing for reinforcements.

The Cell rendezvoused at a favorite rally point near a silo just East of the portable cargo area. Soon, they watched their foes advancing on their hiding place, using a truck to help light their way. The guardsman, unable to abide the stench, released the Emperor’s justice of his lasgun on a heathen fool, silhouetted atop a cargo box. Now words are muffled by volleys of crrrackling lasfire, the sharp report of ballistic weapons & the brief eruptions of fragmentary grenades. The air is a tangle of gunpowder & copper. A thick uncomfortable warp residue clings to the Cell’s psyker, perspiring in her attempt to control what comes through the portal.

The first couple minutes of mayhem results in wounds to multiple Acolytes and a handful of the local fodder being sent to the Emperor-less hell of their afterlife….


[Intios: Our group made it over the wall of the makeshift prison. Our assassin, Arion, jumped down to ground level to better survey the enemy. Arion confirmed 12 bodies being staked to the ground, some of them being women. It was too dark to identify anyone. Arion’s comm then became silent for what seemed like minutes, until the sound of Las fire started to ring out. Arion told us that he was found out and was running back toward us.

We jumped off of the wall and went to hide by the ghost pollen silos that lined this street. We heard yells within the prison compound and footsteps all about the tops of the containers. As the sounds started getting closer to us, we spotted one clansman at the top of the wall. It was our guardsman, Crucius, who then dropped to the ground and took a shot that knocked the clansman off the wall.

I ran towards silos 2 and 3 to find some cover. The sounds from the prison started to get louder as more people were being put on alert. We could hear the sound of a truck and see its headlights as it rounded the corner of the prison to face the silos where we were hiding. The truck stopped and six clansmen climbed out from each side. There were also two clansmen hanging from each side of the truck as well as the driver and passenger. Altogether, possibly 16 people from the truck.

Our psyker, Lexxicon was standing behind me when she started to go into her chants. I started to run towards silos 1 & 2. As I got between the silos, I saw some figures running away but could not discern how many. Lexxicon must have put some warped thoughts into their brains. Just as I reached for my hand cannon, I heard a clang off of the silo next to me. A grenade then lands behind me and explodes about 5 meters from where I am standing. I peer forward toward the truck as that is the largest source of light. I see one clansman coming towards me along the building directly in front of me. I take a shot and was able to drop him with a shot to the arm.

As I walk around the silo to peer towards the prison, a grenade lands to my side and I take a blast to the body. Luckily my flak cloak took the brunt of the damage. Just as I was catching my breath, I get hit with a shotgun blast to my leg. I look to my right and see the face of the clansmen that just shot me. With one well timed aimed shot to the head, I was able to invoke Righteous Fury on my foe. He dropped instantly, just as the emperor would have wanted.

I see Lydia run back towards the building directly in front of me. As I went to cover her, I get hit once again with another shotgun blast but this time to my arm. I drop back and pull out a grenade. I peer towards the prison but cannot spot the clansman that just shot me. I toss my grenade approximately 18 meters out in hopes pinning him or forcing him forward as now, Lydia has taken cover by the buildings edge facing the prison. The grenade goes off but I cannot tell if it had any affect. As I peer out once again, I can only see one prone clansman approximately 50 meters away. He must be one of the enemies that Crucius is battling. I take a single aimed shot and was able to hit him in the leg.

As I duck back behind the silo, I see Lydia facing the prison on the lookout for anyone coming down the alley. I am just hoping that we all get out of this alive.]


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