Emperor Preserve

Lieutenant Karpath Rommulus log 3

Somebody needs anger managment

I had hoped to never encounter the Cold Trade again. Even though Karkalla knows my history with this he still put me on the task with the rest of the squad. Our mission is to escort four prisoners that were taken from a lodge on Scintilla that had made contact with the Stellar Furioso, a ship that was seized by the Arbites for Cold Trade smuggling, to an arbitrator on Solomon named Haug Godgrafen.
Karkalla said that he wanted us to get some information out of these four before the Arbites could get their hands on them. We are to make contact with Captain Tatyanna Verankov of the Veracium Ferit. After a few weeks of travel we will end up on Solomon. I pray to the God Emperor that nothing goes wrong.
Well that was unexpected. I’m starting to learn some of the ways and personalities of my new squad. Boy, does Odessa have a temper on her. Almost killed 2 of the prisoners before we even had time to ask questions. Hell, if it wasn’t for Intios and Arion being skilled in medicae they probably would have died. Turns out that House Guljian is the one likely dealing in Cold Trade material. I am going to find whoever the head of this is and put them down.
After landing on Solomon we visited Haug Godgrafen and informed him that we would be holding onto the prisoners for some time until our investigation of the Cold Trade on Solomon was complete. He informed us to talk to Sergeant Kitan Tauber of the GlorAuthority to look into House Guljian. Looks like we have to go undercover to get into the spire. Not too fond of leaving my guard armor and my las gun behind, but I will have to make do.
Solomon, what a shit hole. My regiment and I went through Solomon on our way to a warzone before we were redirected to Graia. It was bad ten years ago when we rolled through here. It has gotten even worse. People are almost in outright revolt and I doubt us showing up to the planet will make it any better. I don’t see the planet lasting another twenty years. Boy, did our regiment really raise hell when we were here. I’m surprised the GlorAuthority didn’t try to arrest me the second I stepped onto the planet. Thinking back on it, this was the last time our regiment was together. I miss them all.


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