Emperor Preserve

From: Trantor Severus; Adeptus Mechanicus & Acolyte of the Holy Inquisition, Ordo Hereticus

Tech priest

My investigation Notes:

Laurent Strophes – ex-military guy, niece disappeared.
Sorkat Authwaite – from Gunmetal City, gun factory owner.
Malene Trun, middle spire, Joyous Choir member & fund-raiser.
Counsellor Cort Abroag – JC, Operations, is at the Alabaster Court a lot.
Lord Raephen Verence – Our party host Borella seems quite taken with him, he is a member of the court of Sector Boss Marius Hax, from Lucid Palace. A dandy.
Siprit Daneen – Androgynous, he is a long-term traveller who has never been to Fenksworld, and also a new member of the JC, lowest level.
Caros Shoal is the founder of the JC, and the Alabaster Court is where the most intense classes are held. Alabaster Court is mid-tier in a neighboring spire.

The 3 drink samples we have are analyzed. 2 are regular cocktails as far as we can determine, the initial cocktail was warp-tainted according to Odessa. We get the chemical composition of some. We sleep that night.

In the morning, Intios and I have lost the good effects, have a hankering for the same drink, and am having the shakes.

Purge_the_Unclean_-_Vorlin_Orday_big.jpgThe next morning we are invited by Strophes to meet with the PI just past noon we meet in a middle-hive area called ‘beneath the broken moon’ (under the guardsman statue) in The Hustle marketplace. Bring the funds in a small reinforced case and he’ll exchange the data slate in a similar case.

We go early and scout and set-up. Vorlin takes a headshot. A black robed figure drops from the ceiling and takes the box and heads away.Black_Robed_Figure.jpg Odessa swoons. Intios takes a shot, Arion closes, I hit him with 3 shots causing him to drop his pistol, but he still has the case. The black robed figure runs up the side of a building and across the roof. I move and sees him on the other side, then shoot him, almost hitting him in the head, but suddenly misses. I tell the others the BRF’s new position and Intios runs to catch, but collides with someone in the crowd and falls to the ground. Arion makes it almost to the BRF. I aim and take another burst, hitting with a good shot to the now useless arm. BRF runs further away, followed by Intios and Arion. A pitched battle ensues with me firing while Arion tries to close for melee, he does get a good cut in to one of BRFs legs. Eventually I lost sight of them and have to run after them to catch up. I lost them temporarily, then see Intios headed back in the direction of Odessa, ‘probably feared’ he thinks to himself, as well as 2 guys in brown trench coats with shotguns headed toward where Arion must be. I follow and round a corner in time to see Arion in combat with BRF, the case on the ground at BRF’s feet, a power sword in BRF’s single good hand, and the trench coats between me and Arion. Arion shifts positions and I fire once, the shot is on target but low and strikes a stall between me and BRF. Just then someone from the crowd grapples Arion…


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