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Off-Worlders' Base Discovered

Looking forward to hanging with the Viceroy

The Emperor’s Adept noted a significant security presence in Recompense’s town square, Recompense town squarewhich was not surprising given the death & mayhem of the last 24 hours. Intios noticed for the first time a tarp attached to the side of an upper-story wall of the Governor’s buildings.

Two Strictionists finally investigate the reported individuals in the Strictionists’ own back filing area. The filing door now unlocked, the blade worshipping assassin manages to slip by them & the Cell runs out the back of the precinct. They manage to outrun most of the pursuing constables. Those able to sustain chase, as well as a couple of mounted officers, fail to sustain their courage when Odessa transforms into warpish hell flames, fleeing as fast as they previously chased.

The Cell searches for the bandits they first encountered on the planet, thinking them rebels to Administratum adept kerred smykthe planet’s authority and therefore possibly a source of information and, under the circumstances, possibly even allies. What they discovered in an outback forest, however, was not Hesiod s wake   forest clearing 3rebels but a hidden base and landing pad. This installation had a warehouse, a lab, living quarters & a storage area. They found equipment, ammo, keys, strange items in a carved wooden box, Hesiod governmental memos & an Adepta Administratum tunic. They also came upon a data-console, in which Trantor discovered revealing footage of the Viceroy’s Counselor Samtoll entering the installation mere hours before. The real surprise, however, was who accompanied him – Kerred Smyk, an Iocanthos Administratum Adept that the Cell had searched for in Port Suffering.

After a brief visit to the The Emperor’s Light, they returned to their task in the planet’s capital. Arion snuck into the main offices of the Agri-Harvest Sodality in an attempt to meet with Overseer Evaine Drachenstein. Arion asked Drachenstein to set up a meet with the injured Viceroy. He returned the next day to her office awaiting the Viceroy’s answer….


[Intios: As luck would have it, we did not need to blast Arion out of his hiding place. It seems two Strictionists went looking into the storage room because someone within the main office heard noises coming from the hallways we were in. As the Strictionists came down the dark hallway, Arion, was able to sneak past them through the main corridor to the locked room with cots and closets. Arion broke through the door and joined up with Odessa and Trantor.

As the three of them sneak out through the shed door, I can see that there is one Strictionist standing under the lamp post and may need to be dealt with. My fellow acolytes are spotted so I decide to distract the single Strictionist by calling out to him. Just as the single Strictionist looks my way, others start coming out of the shed we escaped from. The others immediately start running towards me. I shot out the single lamp post that is illuminating the area. The Strictionists fire off a couple rounds but in the dark, they all prove useless.

The four of us all start to run down the open road leading away from the Temple/Precinct. We get a few blocks away and notice that there are still 3 Strictionists chasing us. Odessa tells us to run behind one of the houses and prepare for her invocation. As we turn the corner, Odessa steps out into the road and taps into her warp powers. I do not know what form Odessa took, but the next thing I hear is the three Strictionists running away in fear. The two mounted Strictionists also dismounted and fled in fear.

With the chasing Strictionists on the run, we walk back towards the town square. There is now a large tarp covering the third floor of the Governor’s building. It looks like the building was hit by a blast.

We decided to leave the capitol of Recompense and go towards the frontier in order to try to meet up with possible rebels. The rebels may have further information that could prove useful in our investigation. Flying 20 miles from Recompense, we found a frontier homestead owned by a man named Argus. He was friendly enough but did not have any information about the rebels we were searching for.

After flying another 20 miles out from the frontier, we noticed a clearing within the dense forest. The clearing was large enough for our shuttle to land. Upon landing, Odessa said that she could sense a faint warp presence. A large mound was covered by foliage but a door appeared within the cover. There was a smell of fuel, which was coming from a recently used pump. We also discovered 4 locked hatches outside. We opened each hatch to discover foodstuffs, clothing and even some solid projectile and Las ammunition. One of the hatches had a wooden box with strange carvings and some psy-focus material.

We make our way into the hidden bunker which turns out to be a warehouse and small laboratory. We find an operational computer screen in the living quarters. We turn on the computer to see video surveillance backdated to 3AM from the previous morning. The video is of the lab and I can recognize Counselor Samtoll and Adept Kerred Smyk, who I met on Iocanthos. The video shows Samtoll working on a circuit board with the fine tools similar to the ones we found in one of the hatches outside. After seeing the video, our team decides to take everything we can within the warehouse, lab and living quarters. With time, we hope to break the encryption that is on the computer.

With the techs onboard the Emperor’s Light unable to break the encryption and us not being able to locate the rebels, we decide to go back to Recompense for more answers. We land outside of the capital and decide to make it the rest of the way on foot. We hope to get aid or information from the Sodality Overseer, Evaine Drachenstein. The Sodality office is by the town square next to the governor’s office.

Arion uses his stealth capabilities to sneak into the Sodality office. Drachenstein’s office is on the 4th floor. Arion eventually met with Antonius, the operational head and Overseer Drachenstein. Arion tells Drachenstein of our suspicions of rogue psykers. We ask her to setup a meeting with Viceroy Martein Kathrinka. Whether she believed our story or not, we cannot be sure, but she did say that she would try to setup a meeting with the Viceroy for us. Now the only thing left to do is to meet back at the Overseer’s office at noon tomorrow.]


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