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Transition to DH Version 2 Beta

Arion: "I'm a lot slower."

All the players performed the necessary reworking of their characters for DH’s 2e Beta and we all tried to settle in on the new char-gen structure of Homeworld, Background & Role.

Then I suggested we run a skirmish to get a feel for the new combat system, which was very different than 1e. We came up with some questions to be pondered, as well as posted to the FFG forums (which I’ve done).

Nice job everyone and thanks for your patience while we make the transition.


[Intios: I walk through the door with my fellow acolytes. The environment seems strange as I look out to see some large wooden crates nearby. Some of them in light, some in darkness. I cannot see the sky as everything just seems gray beyond my vision. As I am acclimating to my surroundings, our group sees four figures appear approximately 40 meters from us. We discern their ill intent when three of them draw their weapons. I see a hand cannon, shotgun and a stub revolver pointing in our direction. The fourth figure does not pull out a weapon but does find cover behind a crate.

I take a position behind one of the nearby crates as our psyker, Odessa, and our Tech Priest, Trantor, do the same. Our assassin, Arion, is now closing the distance between him and his nearest foe. I reach for my sidearm and instead of my old hand cannon, I am now staring at a Las pistol. Something about this world is unusual. Maybe the gravitational pull of this world is odd as my sense of weight and balance are off. I identify two targets and hit with aimed shots to the head on each. No damage seems to be done to either and I hear a voice in my head or is it in my ear saying, “Get a better weapon!”

I have now noted that our enemies have a psyker. Odessa has noticed this as well and the two psykers begin trading strange warp energies. Arion has covered the distance to engage his opponent in close range combat. At the same moment, two opponents rush the positions of me and Trantor. I quickly pull out a grenade and throw it at one of the incoming enemies. My grenade toss is wildly off and explodes to the side of my attacker. This world is strange, as I thought this may be a low gravity world but the length of my grenade toss is almost half.

All of a sudden everything freezes in place and everything goes white…]


Haha, Intios will not be denied on the Adventure Log….

Transition to DH Version 2 Beta
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