Emperor Preserve

Which one is the psyker?!
Antonius has a reasonable complaint

As requested, Hesiod Wake’s Viceroy of the Harvest arrived at the Agri-Harvest Sodality Overseer’s spacious & brightly lit office. The Cell’s blade man explained the status of their investigation to Governor Everlast’s younger brother & sought his support. The confabulation appeared constructive until Martein Kathrinka…

burst into flame.

A large Strictionist Captain threw open the door and, seeing the Viceroy burning, battle ensued. In combat, the Captain is revealed to be severely mutated. The Emperor’s assassin cuts down his Strictionist foes, though suffering multiple gunshot wounds. Arion feels his heart beating at unnatural speed & his blood simmering in his veins. A heavy tray catapults at him, seemingly under its own power.

Intios successfully extinguishes the Viceroy’s flames. Then he looks for the psyker in the room, firing his Laspistol into the unarmed Antonius to see his reaction. The Viceroy flees, as does Overseer Drachenstein, who orders all TitheGuard to leave with her. With what must’ve been the Emperor’s inspiration, Intios looks to the skylight & discovers someone peeking through. The acolytes open fire peppering the ceiling. Odessa ignites their roof attacker, who disappears from view.

The Acolytes give chase. Intios opens fire from the roof and, on his third attempt, is able to wound the fleeing figure below with laser fire. The figure cuts through a building and into the town square. Intios & Trantor open fire from the roof, sending the figure to the ground. Many in the busy square, including a trio of Strictionists, rush to the figure’s aid and begin to carry this wounded one towards the Strictionist precinct.

Determined to dispatch this unchecked doorway into the immaterium, the two acolytes continued to pour rounds into the scrum of civilians carrying their charge. They dropped a number of Recompense’s residents, before hitting their target in the arm.

Arion found himself pinned by Strictionists when a vilesome burning daemon strides into view preceded by the vox’d words, “Look away”.


[Intios: Arion and I show up at Drachenstein’s office at noon the next day. The Overseer had two additional counselors as well as Antonius. A few moments later we are joined by Viceroy Kathrinka as we had hoped. Arion requests additional tithe guard for added security. After two additional guards show up, Arion begins to relay the story of rogue psykers within Recompense.

It was not but a few moments later that Martein Kathrinka bursts into flames in front of our eyes. At this moment, three Strictionists come through the door. At the sight of the Viceroy aflame, the Strictionists draw their weapons and try to detain us. Arion quickly draws his own weapon and is upon the Strictionist captain immediately. Upon wounding the captain, he starts to mutate as he is no longer able to keep us his disguise. I run towards the back of the room and rip the curtains off of the window. I smother the Viceroy with the curtain in hope of extinguishing the flames.

At this very moment, the two counselors with the Overseer hide for cover behind a desk. The Overseer herself, wide eyed, backs up against the window as her tithe guards surround her. Antonius seems to have fainted at the sight of the mutant transformation. Gunfire rings out through the room as the Strictionists fire at Arion for taking out their captain. I see a refreshment tray fly through mid-air and hit Arion. Arion yells out, “Find the psyker!” I tell Trantor and Odessa that we are engaged in combat and need their immediate assistance.

I look about the room trying to find this rogue psyker. Antonius wakes up from his daze and I take a quick shot from my laspistol. The shot hits him squarely in the body but the psychic phenomenon does not cease. I then pull out a grenade thinking the psyker may be one of the counselors or possibly the Overseer. Not seeing any reaction from the Overseer or her counselors, I focus my attention on the Strictionists attacking Arion.

By the time Odessa and Trantor arrive at the Overseer’s office, the now extinguished Viceroy and Antonius decide to flee the office. Drachenstein also orders her tithe guard to leave the office as she departs. At this moment, I look up toward the skylight in the office and see a hooded figure looking in. I immediately shoot at the window with Trantor following my lead. We both miss the figure but Odessa decides to invoke her warp powers to inflict damage upon the hooded figure.

Arion is now shooting his grapnel hook through the window to get up onto the roof. I climb the rope to get up to the roof and see Arion giving chase to the hooded figure, who has now climbed down the ladder. With the hooded figure running towards the town square and Arion running after him, I pull out my lasgun and begin opening fire.

Sniping_-_Recompense.jpgI hit the hooded figure in the body with two shots and then with shots to the body and leg. He’s still running and Arion is still giving chase. Trantor joins me on the roof. The hooded figure runs into a building but comes out the other side and into the town square. By this time, there is a small crown forming around the hooded figure. I look at Trantor and a simple unspoken message is conveyed, “He needs to go down!” Trantor and I begin opening fire at the crowd that has now picked up the hooded figure. It was Trantor’s shot that seemed to stop any movement from the rogue psyker.

During our firing from the roof, Odessa ran down the stairs to join Arion in his chase. We can now see several Strictionists come out through their precinct. Two of them have long arms and drop to a knee and begin firing on us at the roof. Their weapons were inconsequential as Trantor and I disposed of each. There are now 4 Strictionists coming towards to Sodality building and a small crown has formed around the building where Arion and Odessa ran into. The last thing I heard over the vox was Odessa yelling, “Look away!"

Off-Worlders' Base Discovered
Looking forward to hanging with the Viceroy

The Emperor’s Adept noted a significant security presence in Recompense’s town square, Recompense town squarewhich was not surprising given the death & mayhem of the last 24 hours. Intios noticed for the first time a tarp attached to the side of an upper-story wall of the Governor’s buildings.

Two Strictionists finally investigate the reported individuals in the Strictionists’ own back filing area. The filing door now unlocked, the blade worshipping assassin manages to slip by them & the Cell runs out the back of the precinct. They manage to outrun most of the pursuing constables. Those able to sustain chase, as well as a couple of mounted officers, fail to sustain their courage when Odessa transforms into warpish hell flames, fleeing as fast as they previously chased.

The Cell searches for the bandits they first encountered on the planet, thinking them rebels to Administratum adept kerred smykthe planet’s authority and therefore possibly a source of information and, under the circumstances, possibly even allies. What they discovered in an outback forest, however, was not Hesiod s wake   forest clearing 3rebels but a hidden base and landing pad. This installation had a warehouse, a lab, living quarters & a storage area. They found equipment, ammo, keys, strange items in a carved wooden box, Hesiod governmental memos & an Adepta Administratum tunic. They also came upon a data-console, in which Trantor discovered revealing footage of the Viceroy’s Counselor Samtoll entering the installation mere hours before. The real surprise, however, was who accompanied him – Kerred Smyk, an Iocanthos Administratum Adept that the Cell had searched for in Port Suffering.

After a brief visit to the The Emperor’s Light, they returned to their task in the planet’s capital. Arion snuck into the main offices of the Agri-Harvest Sodality in an attempt to meet with Overseer Evaine Drachenstein. Arion asked Drachenstein to set up a meet with the injured Viceroy. He returned the next day to her office awaiting the Viceroy’s answer….


[Intios: As luck would have it, we did not need to blast Arion out of his hiding place. It seems two Strictionists went looking into the storage room because someone within the main office heard noises coming from the hallways we were in. As the Strictionists came down the dark hallway, Arion, was able to sneak past them through the main corridor to the locked room with cots and closets. Arion broke through the door and joined up with Odessa and Trantor.

As the three of them sneak out through the shed door, I can see that there is one Strictionist standing under the lamp post and may need to be dealt with. My fellow acolytes are spotted so I decide to distract the single Strictionist by calling out to him. Just as the single Strictionist looks my way, others start coming out of the shed we escaped from. The others immediately start running towards me. I shot out the single lamp post that is illuminating the area. The Strictionists fire off a couple rounds but in the dark, they all prove useless.

The four of us all start to run down the open road leading away from the Temple/Precinct. We get a few blocks away and notice that there are still 3 Strictionists chasing us. Odessa tells us to run behind one of the houses and prepare for her invocation. As we turn the corner, Odessa steps out into the road and taps into her warp powers. I do not know what form Odessa took, but the next thing I hear is the three Strictionists running away in fear. The two mounted Strictionists also dismounted and fled in fear.

With the chasing Strictionists on the run, we walk back towards the town square. There is now a large tarp covering the third floor of the Governor’s building. It looks like the building was hit by a blast.

We decided to leave the capitol of Recompense and go towards the frontier in order to try to meet up with possible rebels. The rebels may have further information that could prove useful in our investigation. Flying 20 miles from Recompense, we found a frontier homestead owned by a man named Argus. He was friendly enough but did not have any information about the rebels we were searching for.

After flying another 20 miles out from the frontier, we noticed a clearing within the dense forest. The clearing was large enough for our shuttle to land. Upon landing, Odessa said that she could sense a faint warp presence. A large mound was covered by foliage but a door appeared within the cover. There was a smell of fuel, which was coming from a recently used pump. We also discovered 4 locked hatches outside. We opened each hatch to discover foodstuffs, clothing and even some solid projectile and Las ammunition. One of the hatches had a wooden box with strange carvings and some psy-focus material.

We make our way into the hidden bunker which turns out to be a warehouse and small laboratory. We find an operational computer screen in the living quarters. We turn on the computer to see video surveillance backdated to 3AM from the previous morning. The video is of the lab and I can recognize Counselor Samtoll and Adept Kerred Smyk, who I met on Iocanthos. The video shows Samtoll working on a circuit board with the fine tools similar to the ones we found in one of the hatches outside. After seeing the video, our team decides to take everything we can within the warehouse, lab and living quarters. With time, we hope to break the encryption that is on the computer.

With the techs onboard the Emperor’s Light unable to break the encryption and us not being able to locate the rebels, we decide to go back to Recompense for more answers. We land outside of the capital and decide to make it the rest of the way on foot. We hope to get aid or information from the Sodality Overseer, Evaine Drachenstein. The Sodality office is by the town square next to the governor’s office.

Arion uses his stealth capabilities to sneak into the Sodality office. Drachenstein’s office is on the 4th floor. Arion eventually met with Antonius, the operational head and Overseer Drachenstein. Arion tells Drachenstein of our suspicions of rogue psykers. We ask her to setup a meeting with Viceroy Martein Kathrinka. Whether she believed our story or not, we cannot be sure, but she did say that she would try to setup a meeting with the Viceroy for us. Now the only thing left to do is to meet back at the Overseer’s office at noon tomorrow.]

Trapped Between Psykers & a Hard Place
Hotel California Hesiod's-Wake-style

Hesiod s wake   agriworld 2079The Emperor’s Acolytes believed themselves to be in a largely unused filing area of a Strictionist Precinct in the capital city of Recompense on the frontier agri-planet Hesiod’s Wake.

They were at a door that seemed to lead to the populated area of the office but they failed to defeat the lock & decided not to try to force the door. There was the sound of alarmed voices some distance behind it & they overheard, what sounded like, that Governor Everlast had been attacked. Odessa banged on the door & Trantor made the sound of an alarm to get someone’s attention. Someone indeed came but in the chaos of the apparent assault on the planetary governor their disturbance was ignored & seemed to be forgotten.

The Cell laid an ambush for their betes noires in the filing room at the top of the stairs but their adversaries didn’t arrive. However, they found their foes with some Strictionist officers in the underground hallways and were able to quickly dispatch both a Strictionist & one of the wyrds they were looking for.

The way back up to the Ecclesiarchy living quarters was blocked & defended – so they withdrew back to the Strictionist filing room. From overheard conversations they suspected that they themselves were the target of a manhunt.

Trantor found a ventilation duct in the filing room that he could fit into and through it gainedDusty strictionist file room access to another Stictionist backroom containing desks & some cots. He found a small very dusty filing room beyond that. Then went through a window and found a shed with water damaged files. Intios& Odessa joined him there.

Given the dusty state of the smaller filing room, they figured they would be undiscovered there for the time being & set about over the next few hours trying to uncover answers in the files they were surrounded by. Their trained sleuthing revealed quite a bit of what’d been happening on Hesiod’s Wake in the last twenty years.

Arion couldn’t fit in the ventilation duct so they set about figuring a way for him to escape. Intios donned a Strictionist uniform they’d found near the cots & exited the shed into an alley. He checked the temple & living quarters area as a possible getaway route for Arion – but he found Strictionist officers & Talus himself.

Tech priest

[Trantor Severus: There was static in the universe as the rulez were in flux, then the Omnissiah! took control and the universe steadied.

We continued to explore the unoccupied section of the Strictionist’s office then approached the lit office which had sounds of occupancy behind it. The sounds changed to concern and alarm, something about a murder. Meanwhile I overheard motion behind the door we’d come in through (behind the file cabinets), and Odessa and Arion went to hold the doors. I and Intios attempted to reach the Strictionists in the lit office but they were preoccupied by reports of an attack on the ruling Kathrinka family, and were fully occupied. We blocked the Strictionist door with filing cabinets and headed back to combat the psykers. Setting a strategic killing ground, this unit used my auger array to scan the platform and stairs, finding nothing. Arion stealthed poorly to the platform, this unit moved to the door and scanned the bottom of the stairs, detecting nothing. Arion moves the table to the top of the stairs for cover and turns on the lamp, I scan again, and detect nothing to the corner of the hallway.

I enter the cell room to find that it’s also clear. Odessa has been suffering from headaches but they suddenly seem worse. She examines the doorjambs and discovers some psychic-damping glyphs. While the others worry about an attack, I attempt to bring the machine spirits back to life with my luminen capacitor but the power is of a different sort and my power is not accepted. Odessa claims that the machine presents a hazard, and I am unable to confirm or deny this, and have some concerns of my own that the machine may be used (or designed) for blasphemous purposes. I remove the 26/62 important fizzik circut and add it to my tool kit, then scan the hallway on the other side of the door to reveal a humanoid standing in the dark hallway with slightly back-lit by the trap door behind him. I take 1 burst with the autogun and storm ammo . . . and drop him. Another heretic peaks around the corner and Odessa tried to set him on fire but the attempt fizzles, and the head pops back around the corner. I hold my action expectantly, and when a head pops out near the ground, I heroically use all actions to call a shot on the eye, shoot, and miss. The higher head pops back around the corner, and Odessa tries to burn the lower eye’s owner — she seems to succeed but Intios is suddenly subjected to some sort of ice attack. More firing, more misses, and I realize that the dead figure is wearing a uniform, probably a Strictionist, and the others are not using psychic powers against us. Arion moves down the corridor and confirms that the body is a Strictionist, and more light is coming down the ladder as additional Strictionists come down.

Intios demands that the Strictionists cease fire, but a familiar voice claims we are heathens. I reply “we are servants of the Omnissiah! eat hot lead” and shoot the upper eye with two bursts of Storm. The owner cries out and falls behind the corner.

We press the attack, I reload with standard ammunition and charge the attackers. Arion pursues a figure in robes climbing the ladder and stabs him doing huge damage, but the priest continues to scream and live. I round the corner and fire, but my shots strike the wall. As I run up to the ladder melee combat I see a Strictionist above preparing to shoot Arion with a handgun, and fire at him. I miss, and he returns fire at me, missing as well. Intios takes a shot at the same guy, I take a shot as well. The Living Saint on the ladder falls, living saint no more. The Strictionist upstairs slams the trap door closed. Being very slow, I head back to the Strictionist office while the rest of the group loots the body. Then they discuss plans and decide to press the attack through the trap door. Odessa says she detects warp poison above and the decision is made to pursue the witches. I head back and take a position around the corner (as grenades have been discussed) with my optical dendrite extended toward the machine room. Odessa becomes enveloped in flame and tries to open the trap door but it’s locked. She drops the scary flames and takes the key and swipes it. It clicks but she’s still unable to open it. She descends and she and Intios shoot at the door, which does seem to damage it. A hole is made, a shotgun comes through the hole from above and shoots, missing us all. We enter into discussion with Sanctionist Egan Dunfor who declares that we are guilty of attacking the governor as well as killing priests and Sanctionists. I’m convinced that this effort is not in the Emperor’s best interest and head back to the Strictionist building. The others overtake me before we get to the Sanctionist office.
We’re blocked again with no way past the Sanctionist office. In the bathroom I find a vent, remove the wicker grate, keeping the 2 half-used candles, then wriggle through the vents to a dark room with desks, cabinets and some cots. I cut through the grate and drop down. I take a Strictionist uniform. There are two doors out, one leads to the occupied office, the other to an unused, dusty file room with a window. I figure out the filing system but find no files related to Teliad, Gtol, or Fellisimo. Intios joins me and also searches, but finds no files either. I defeat the window security and pass through it, with Intios, into a dank shed of files and mildew. Using one candle’s light, I unscrew the lower hinge, loosen the top hinge, and discuss strategy with the Acolytes. Our best plan is to circle around to the Church and see what the situation outside the priest’s quarters is like.

About this time, Odessa and Arion hear that the voices in the Strictionist office have quieted except one, and it seems that the Viceroy is giving a speech about his brother and he seems angry. We decide to search the rooms while considering things and hope to get 3 hours of searching done. As a seeker, I use my last fate point to invoke the blessings of the Omnissiah! and find no information about any ships coming to Hesiod’s Wake. Find information about the Kathrinkas, but we already knew it all. Everlast has been in power for quite some years and is obsessed with keeping the tithe, and left most of the other duties to his brother the Viceroy, and his wife is strong-willed and doesn’t have a lot of confidence in the governor, but she suddenly took ill some years ago and is bed-ridden. Find that Gtol died suddenly of an illness which might have been similar to what’s wrong with the governor’s wife. Find a private report which seems to be Gtol’s hand, that he has concerns about the new harvest prelate, his age and the circumstances of his ascension after the death of Felissimo. Gtol’s office is near the entrance way to the psyker cells, he wore multiple hats though his main function was telepathic communication, but also detected emerging psykers and had security apparatus to hold them for the black ships, but his office had been transitioned into file storage since no new astropath had been found. Complimentary and respectful attitude in reports about Felissimo, and the file on Telad is empty. In the deepest place we find a misfiled file that claims concerns around the psyker cells stopping functioning, and there’s no astropath, and the authoring Strictionist is very concerned — it’s dated within 2 years of the death of Gtol, and laments that the psykers have escaped — almost feels like a journal, he doesn’t know what to do, but dearly hopes that the astropath will be replaced soon, and hopes that the Emperor will help hold back the forces of the warp. Find files on notable people like on the living saints, they suddenly came to power, loved by the people, Harvest Prelate loves them. Everlast has a couple of councilors whom he relies on, Klavious Enhinjer and Quiana Allanson. A file on Viceroy’s councilor Jaleb Samtoll, he’s powerful, has Felissimo’s ability of being extremely on it — no matter the subject seems to know what’s up. Another file talks about the Harvest Prelate and the governor’s family having an unidentified metal object, prayer foci, odd because the lead investigators think they don’t belong here. Governor Everlast’s symbol of authority is a large medallion which was made from part of a melted-down landing pod foot from first contact. I record all these files to my memory.

Intios dresses in the Strictionist uniform and leaves his stuff behind except his laser pistol which he wraps in a spare shirt and carries in his hands, while Odessa and I stay in the shed and Arion stays back in the former astropath’s quarters. Intios approaches the dumpster and hears something bumping inside, but safely makes it past both the dumpster and the dangerous tarp. He successfully makes it back to the front of the church and finds that Talus is there, and a lot of cops. We discuss diversionary tactics, then end for the night. Please send more Sacred Ungents.]


[Intios: After fighting off what turned out to be a combination of Strictionists and Living Saints along the hidden corridor underneath the trap door, our team decided it was not advantageous for us to continue up the ladder we initially came through.

We discovered that the office at the other end of the Cell room belonged to the previous psyker astropath Gtol. We found a vent in the ceiling of the bathroom, which three of us were able to crawl through into other parts of this office complex. Odessa, Trantor and I eventually all crawl through the duct to drop into another filing office. As we formulate a plan to try to get Arion to join us, Trantor is pouring through the records in the office. We were able to find writing from Eigen Dunfour, the head of the Strictionists at the time of Gtol’s death. There was quite a bit of information regarding the astropath Gtol, but not much regarding the tech-priest Ti-lad.

In the adjoining room next to the filing room, we find a shed that has a window to the outside. We find a Strictionist uniform and it is decided that I go out in disguise to scout the general vicinity. Although I strap on the standard issue stub revolver, I will not part with my Las Pistol, so I wrap my pistol underneath some clothing. The window out of the shed lead to a back alley of the office complex we were in. I walk to the front of the building and confirm that indeed, this is the main Strictionists headquarters. I walk further toward the church we initially entered and discovered that Talus was in the courtyard and directing some sort of search. Apparently the Governor was attacked this evening. If the fire fight underneath the trap door is any indication, we may be the targets of their manhunt.

Now we need to devise a plan to get Arion out of the back office and past the Strictionists. Do we setup a diversion or do we blast our way out?]

The Room with Prison Cells
Late for Dinner

The Acolytes were in the cleric living quarters with two in custody. The Cell’s psyker ended the life of one.

Arion went out in the temple courtyard to calm an agitated crowd of locals & for a discussion with Talus, the member of the so called Living Saints they’d met. The Cell’s assassin called for the Strictionists to be fetched & Talus attacked, hitting him with multiple dark clusters of cracking warp energy. The injured assassin quickly dashed back in through the door he’d just come from.

Intios & Arion pushed a bookcase up against the sprung door as the crowd tried toTrapdoor.jpg pile in. Trantor, continuing to be bothered by the existence of the one empty room, searches & finds a secret door in the floor for the Cell’s escape. With the assistance of their remaining captive, a key was found, the door opened and Trantor and Odessa went down the hole. Intios & Arion soon followed, the Cell’s last captive escaping in the mayhem behind a bizarre wall of faces.

The group discovered an underground room with cells in it and machinery connected to those cells. They found a hidden short list of names in one of the cells. While they were exploring the room & trying to unlock the one other door, they were attacked by a number of clerics. They killed two and went in pursuit but then decided to reverse course and go through the door finally opened by Intios.

That door led to stairs up and a messy room of desks and file cabinets. The acolytes went through some files for a short time & then decided to proceed deeper into this office.


[Intios: Upon settling into Recompense, we were invited to dinner by Governor Everlast. Prior to the dinner, our team decided to take a closer look around at a temple next to the quarters we were using. We could hear songs being sung by the locals as their service was in progress. There was a locked door leading into the back of the temple, which we broke in order to gain entrance. This seemed to be living quarters for the local clergy.

Our psyker, Odessa, sensed a high amount of warp energy coming from one of the rooms. We gained access to the room to discover one cleric within. Odessa could not pinpoint the location of the warp energy but it was most likely from this room. As my fellow acolytes begin questioning this cleric, a man opens the door from across the hall and demands to know what all the noise is about. We quickly grab the second cleric and head to the end of the hall, checking for anyone else who may be in their rooms.

The last room at the end of the hall opened up to be what the clerics called their shrine. There were portraits of 5 people who were described as living saints. Our tech priest, Trantor and Odessa continued their questioning of the two clerics. Our assassin, Arion and I decided to check on the front door we broke through. We could clearly hear sounds of a crowd outside the door. Arion walked outside and then a few moments later, he ran back in and told me to barricade the door. Apparently, Talus unleashed some sort of psyker attack on him. I went to the living room area and pulled a bookshelf towards the front door.

As Arion is trying to hold back people from coming in, Trantor said he found a trap door in the empty room. Apparently the interrogation did not go well because the first cleric was killed by Odessa. With the help of the second captive, we open the trap door and call everyone to drop through. We followed the dark tunnel into a large room that opened up into what looked like a prison. There were six cells within the room and in the middle, was a large machine with cables running into each cell.

Under one of the latrines, I found what looked like a manifest of six names. A seventh name was not discernible. This manifest had a date of over 20 years ago. As Trantor was trying to operate the large machine, two clerics come through the door and were quickly disposed of. Trantor told us to shut down all light sources so that he can use his infrared vision. A quick check of the original tunnels showed that we were not being pursued.

We decided to push forward into the new tunnel. After blowing off the lock, we walked into a room filled with documents, many spread out all over the room. We do a quick search of the room and it seems like we are in a Strictionist office. Without having much time to delve into the files further, we decided to keep moving.]

Take Me to Your Leader
Ok, so who ISN'T a psyker around here?

The Emperor’s plain clothes soldiers were on an Imperial ship orbiting Iocanthos. Orbiting iocanthosScalprum Mazion, knowing the Cell had some new members & not having a lot of history with any, decided a bit of orientation was in order. He gave them a very brief overview of the Inquisition, what its purpose was & what their Inquisitor expected. Finally, he warned them that whatever their prior thinking – the Imperium was far more complicated & the threats to it far more dire than they were aware.

After the Acolytes rummaged through the ship’s supply locker, they were dispatched to the AgriWorld Hesiod’s Wake on the Trailing Frontier of the Calixis Sector aboard the Imperial Navy troop transport The Emperor’s Light. Intel indicated that the broken tarot card containing xeno circuitry that had been found in Stern Hope’s blood-soaked Cathedral had likely originated from there, of all places. Moreover, a routine inquiry with the Administratum had found that Hesiod’s Wake had somehow dropped off the Imperial grid – there was no record of any Imperial ship going there for over twenty years.

The Cell chose to go in under the cover of a joint Administratum & Mechanicus investigation regarding the loss of contact. The Acolytes met the world’s various leaders & pressed their investigation.

Hesiod s wake   agriworld 2079After agreeing to join the Planetary Governor “Bountiful Lord” Everlast Kathrinka for dinner later that evening, they chose to get a look at the Temple in the meantime. There was a service in-progress so they determined to get a look at whatever lay on the other side of a door near the Temple entrance. They gained access & came upon some living quarters…as well as a couple of inhabitants, whom they’re questioning now….


[Intios: Our entire team finally made it out of Port Suffering with Kosloff alive. We presented our findings to our prime, Scalprum Mazion, who debriefed us by saying that the daemon was on a path to return to Port Suffering. Two tech priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus then stepped in and showed us what looked like one of Aristarchus’s tarot cards. The odd thing was the tarot card had circuitry which they described as Xeno-tech. Apparently Esha Raine survived the incident at Stern Hope and went back to look for survivors after the daemon left. It was Raine, The Death Singer, who found this tarot card.

In the course of our debriefing, it was revealed to us that Aristarchus was a long descendant of St. Drusus. An investigation showed Prelate Skae had a meeting with a stranger from a different sector and received the xeno tarot cards. These cards were eventually given to Aristarchus. The origin of the xeno cards was linked back to the agri-world of Hesiod’s Wake. Hesiod’s Wake was colonized 4 centuries ago and until recent decades, was consistent in providing their imperial tithe.

While Administratum records show no ships travelling to Hesiod’s Wake in 20 years, there are records of high ranking Imperial officers at that time. Harvester-Prelate Felissimo was the highest ranking Imperial officer. Ti-lad, of the Adeptus Mechanicus, was shown to be on planet up to 25 years ago. Gtol Sorath was their Astropath psyker but there are no records of him for over 20 years.

Our mission is now made clear. Find clues to the origin of the xeno tarot cards and why Hesiod’s Wake has lost contact with the Imperium. Discovering the fates of the high ranking imperial officers may shed light on the loss of contact.

We boarded the ship, The Emperor’s Light, in order to make the warp trek to Hesiod’s Wake. Captain Jerak has given us the use of one of their light transports in order to land near the main city of Recompense. On our descent towards Recompense, we can see what looked like Imperial symbols in the crop formations. Upon landing, we helped breakup a confrontation between farmers and possible bandits trying to steal the recently harvested grain. The farmers were grateful for our intervention and first aid. In return, they offered to give us a ride to Recompense.

On our arrival into Recompense, we met with Governor Everlast “Bountiful Lord” Kathrinka and his brother, Viceroy Marteen Kathrinka. The Kathrinkas seem to have ruled the planet since initial colonization. The other leaders are Manus Barahona, the current Harvester-Prelate and Overseer Evaine Drackenstein, who heads the Agriharvest Sodality.

It seems the Governor has the use of his private guard as well as the Strictionists, who are in charge of enforcing the Imperial tithe. The Overseer heads the Sodality, who handles growing and harvesting of crops. The Harvester-Prelate heads what seems to be the Administratum branch of the planet. Now that we know who the major players are, we need to begin our investigation. How could a planet with such a vital Imperial tithe disappear from records?]

Transition to DH Version 2 Beta
Arion: "I'm a lot slower."

All the players performed the necessary reworking of their characters for DH’s 2e Beta and we all tried to settle in on the new char-gen structure of Homeworld, Background & Role.

Then I suggested we run a skirmish to get a feel for the new combat system, which was very different than 1e. We came up with some questions to be pondered, as well as posted to the FFG forums (which I’ve done).

Nice job everyone and thanks for your patience while we make the transition.


[Intios: I walk through the door with my fellow acolytes. The environment seems strange as I look out to see some large wooden crates nearby. Some of them in light, some in darkness. I cannot see the sky as everything just seems gray beyond my vision. As I am acclimating to my surroundings, our group sees four figures appear approximately 40 meters from us. We discern their ill intent when three of them draw their weapons. I see a hand cannon, shotgun and a stub revolver pointing in our direction. The fourth figure does not pull out a weapon but does find cover behind a crate.

I take a position behind one of the nearby crates as our psyker, Odessa, and our Tech Priest, Trantor, do the same. Our assassin, Arion, is now closing the distance between him and his nearest foe. I reach for my sidearm and instead of my old hand cannon, I am now staring at a Las pistol. Something about this world is unusual. Maybe the gravitational pull of this world is odd as my sense of weight and balance are off. I identify two targets and hit with aimed shots to the head on each. No damage seems to be done to either and I hear a voice in my head or is it in my ear saying, “Get a better weapon!”

I have now noted that our enemies have a psyker. Odessa has noticed this as well and the two psykers begin trading strange warp energies. Arion has covered the distance to engage his opponent in close range combat. At the same moment, two opponents rush the positions of me and Trantor. I quickly pull out a grenade and throw it at one of the incoming enemies. My grenade toss is wildly off and explodes to the side of my attacker. This world is strange, as I thought this may be a low gravity world but the length of my grenade toss is almost half.

All of a sudden everything freezes in place and everything goes white…]

Adept-Interlocutor Kosloff Rescued
Odessa...is that you??

The Emperor’s servants were fighting Cynewulf’s clansmen around the Ghostfire pollen silos when Dark heresy random 3last recorded. Once again, the Warlord’s men appeared no match for Inquisitor Vaarak’s cell. Besides those sent running in terror from Lexxicon’s warpish wiles, only one escaped in the truck – leaving the Acolytes wondering whether perhaps Cynewulf had been in their grasp…just to slip away. However, in the course of this victory the wounded Lydia was lit-up by multiple energy rounds by the mysterious figure in the truck, igniting her into a human inferno. Rest in peace Lydia Ya, your name will be recorded with reverence in the all-too-long rolls of those who have fallen in the Emperor’s holy service.

After significant debate, the Inquisitorial warband decided to immediately assault where they believed the prisoners were being kept in the portable cargo area, before Cynewulf could meaningfully rally his corrupt troops.

The Cell snuck in among the gaps between the portable Ghostfire cargo containers & Arion, as before, reconned the target. Lexxicon brushed their enemies’ weapons with the warp, fouling their ability to fire. Crucius & Intios fired from atop the cargo containers while Arion searched cargo containers. The Acolytes made short work of Cynewulf’s reduced prison guard presence and in the process rescued Adept-Interlocutor Kosloff. They were also surprised to discover another prisoner who proved to be an Acolyte of their own Inquisitor!

In the engagement Odessa was the only one who experienced any trouble, but from the vexxing warp rather than their foes. In an experience that the others in the Cell were still trying to understand, Odessa briefly turned on her own, attacking Lexxicon – though blessedly ineffectively. Lexxicon, seemingly blessed with insight from the Emperor himself, decided not to use lethal force against her attacker Odessa, whom she’d known for only a few minutes.

After dispatching their foes the Acolytes strove to contact their Prime Mazion to report they hadSeraphim the living Adept-Interlocutor. In time, Mazion replied that the Daemon was returning to Port Suffering & that they would be evacuated shortly with the Adept. Three Battle Sisters provided cover for the operation & now all are safely aboard Imperial Naval ships in orbit.
Orbiting iocanthos
The Acolytes provided a debrief to Mazion & proceeded to train hard for next when they would be called upon.

Acolyte Prime Mazion called them into a meeting with two members of the Mechanicus, Engineer Drustillot & Technographer Trantor, who gave a report about a broken Tarot Card with Xeno-tech circuitry inside that was recovered from the foot of the alter in the Stern Hope Cathedral. It was thought to be one of Aristarchus’ Tarot Cards, that he focused on so often and was one of the cards the Acolytes saw revolving around Aristarchus when he was on the altar.

Acolyte Mazion told the Cell that he knew they were eager to finish their job at Port Suffering to send Warlord Cynewulf to his afterlife, but that mission would have to be put aside if the Daemon was in close proximity. In the meantime, they were to follow-up on this forbidden Xeno-tech.


[Intios: From my position behind the corner of the building facing the makeshift prison, I exchanged fire with a clansman approximately 50 meters from me while Lydia opens up with a full auto burst from her autopistol. I can hear Las fire behind the silo, which I assume is Crucius guarding our rear flank. While Lydia is looking down the same alley I am, I decide to make a run toward the truck. We heard orders being barked out of the truck so we all assumed it was someone of authority within the clansmen.

I turn the corner of the building and start a full sprint towards the truck. I got no further than 10 meters when the sound of Las fire came from the truck in my direction. The shot barely missed me at over 100 meters but did stop me in my tracks. I am able to see the driver using his door as cover as he is taking aimed shots at whoever is out in the open. I run back towards the corner of the building just as Lydia finishes returning fire at whoever is by the prison. Just as I turn the corner for cover, Lydia Ya is hit in the back with a Las shot. She was already wounded but this round of energy damage drops her for good. Her body is aflame after being hit.

We all heard the truck start its engines. It starts doing a complete 180 degree turn in order to leave the area. Some of us a take a few shots at the truck but to no avail. Our entire group huddles up in our hiding place between silos 1 and 2. There is quick but heated debate of our next course of immediate action. All of us have taken significant wounds with Lydia no longer amongst the living. Lexxicon quickly starts her psychic healing process. I swear this time she did more damage than good.

We decided that although wounded, the element of surprise was still on our side. We will infiltrate the makeshift prison once again. Arion quickly scales the wall to get into the prison while Lexxicon invokes her floating powers to get over the wall. Crucius Magnus and I decided to take positions along the wall so that we can cover the large open space by the cargo containers. In a well-timed group effort, Lexxicon used her abilities to jam the weapons of our enemies. Crucius identifies four targets in the open and which ones seem most dangerous. Arion then sneaks up to one of the container doors and goes in. In Arion’s communication to us, apparently this is not a makeshift prison but instead also used to store dead bodies.

Apparently, one of the prisoners was another acolyte sent by Inquisitor Vaarak. Arion frees a psyker named Odessa. When Arion steps out of the container, he is quickly spotted. The clansmen now realize that all of their weapons have jammed. I take my cue from Crucius as he fires upon the exposed clansmen. As soon as Crucius rains down Las fire, I follow-up with my own aimed shots at each clansman. We are able to drop three of them quickly while one went to hide behind a box. The hiding clansman fires a single flare into the night sky. That is also our cue to locate whoever we can and get out of here quickly.

I see Arion run into the container door closest to me. Immediately thereafter, we see a clansman coming in through the front door. Crucius has now jumped off of the wall and ran for the cover of the tables below. This new clansman and the fourth in the open square proved no match for well-aimed shots from my fellow acolyte. With no more targets in our vicinity, I run along the wall towards the corner to make sure that no more reinforcements are coming.

As our firefight was going on, apparently our recently rescued psyker, Odessa, manifested some sort of warp phenomenon. It looks like the two psykers were evoking powers upon each other. Luckily no one was wounded. After Arion ran into the container, I heard over the vox communicator, “I found Interlocutor Kosloff! We’re coming out!” We all see Arion run out of the container with Kosloff over his shoulder. We grouped up briefly and decided to go back to our safe house. With no pursuers in sight, we all escape into the darkness of Port Suffering.

From the confines of our hideout, we sent a message over our vox on all frequencies stating, “Interlocutor Kosloff found alive, repeat found alive. Requesting extraction.” We sent this message out every hour until by daybreak, we finally heard a response. It was our acting prime, Scalprum Mazion, who responded by asking for our location and the status of Interlocutor Kosloff. We had stabilized Kosloff and said that the area around the Infirmary was clear for extraction.

Within 30 minutes, we heard a message to start preparing for an air extraction. Three ladies from the Adeptus Sororitas landed on top of the infirmary. Minutes later, a drop ship landed in front of the infirmary and another battle sister steps out with a few of her crew. She asked us if the Interlocutor was secure. We led her crew to pick up Kosloff. We all jump onboard with our entire team leaving Port Suffering with Kosloff alive.]

Jailbreak Aborted
Discovered hunters hold back the hordes

Our intrepid defenders of the holy Golden Throne were poised to assault the Northwest corner of the portable cargo area from atop the cargo boxes. They hoped the area held prisoners the Inquisition was interested in finding.

The Cell’s assassin painted the many shadows of their focus, evaluating targets & attack vectors. He spotted three individuals, secluded in the darkness between cargo boxes, who appeared to be eating. He quietly hailed them but they were guards & immediately drew weapons letting loose bursts of laser fire. He gave them the slip but the enemy was now alerted, fanning out & hailing for reinforcements.

The Cell rendezvoused at a favorite rally point near a silo just East of the portable cargo area. Soon, they watched their foes advancing on their hiding place, using a truck to help light their way. The guardsman, unable to abide the stench, released the Emperor’s justice of his lasgun on a heathen fool, silhouetted atop a cargo box. Now words are muffled by volleys of crrrackling lasfire, the sharp report of ballistic weapons & the brief eruptions of fragmentary grenades. The air is a tangle of gunpowder & copper. A thick uncomfortable warp residue clings to the Cell’s psyker, perspiring in her attempt to control what comes through the portal.

The first couple minutes of mayhem results in wounds to multiple Acolytes and a handful of the local fodder being sent to the Emperor-less hell of their afterlife….


[Intios: Our group made it over the wall of the makeshift prison. Our assassin, Arion, jumped down to ground level to better survey the enemy. Arion confirmed 12 bodies being staked to the ground, some of them being women. It was too dark to identify anyone. Arion’s comm then became silent for what seemed like minutes, until the sound of Las fire started to ring out. Arion told us that he was found out and was running back toward us.

We jumped off of the wall and went to hide by the ghost pollen silos that lined this street. We heard yells within the prison compound and footsteps all about the tops of the containers. As the sounds started getting closer to us, we spotted one clansman at the top of the wall. It was our guardsman, Crucius, who then dropped to the ground and took a shot that knocked the clansman off the wall.

I ran towards silos 2 and 3 to find some cover. The sounds from the prison started to get louder as more people were being put on alert. We could hear the sound of a truck and see its headlights as it rounded the corner of the prison to face the silos where we were hiding. The truck stopped and six clansmen climbed out from each side. There were also two clansmen hanging from each side of the truck as well as the driver and passenger. Altogether, possibly 16 people from the truck.

Our psyker, Lexxicon was standing behind me when she started to go into her chants. I started to run towards silos 1 & 2. As I got between the silos, I saw some figures running away but could not discern how many. Lexxicon must have put some warped thoughts into their brains. Just as I reached for my hand cannon, I heard a clang off of the silo next to me. A grenade then lands behind me and explodes about 5 meters from where I am standing. I peer forward toward the truck as that is the largest source of light. I see one clansman coming towards me along the building directly in front of me. I take a shot and was able to drop him with a shot to the arm.

As I walk around the silo to peer towards the prison, a grenade lands to my side and I take a blast to the body. Luckily my flak cloak took the brunt of the damage. Just as I was catching my breath, I get hit with a shotgun blast to my leg. I look to my right and see the face of the clansmen that just shot me. With one well timed aimed shot to the head, I was able to invoke Righteous Fury on my foe. He dropped instantly, just as the emperor would have wanted.

I see Lydia run back towards the building directly in front of me. As I went to cover her, I get hit once again with another shotgun blast but this time to my arm. I drop back and pull out a grenade. I peer towards the prison but cannot spot the clansman that just shot me. I toss my grenade approximately 18 meters out in hopes pinning him or forcing him forward as now, Lydia has taken cover by the buildings edge facing the prison. The grenade goes off but I cannot tell if it had any affect. As I peer out once again, I can only see one prone clansman approximately 50 meters away. He must be one of the enemies that Crucius is battling. I take a single aimed shot and was able to hit him in the leg.

As I duck back behind the silo, I see Lydia facing the prison on the lookout for anyone coming down the alley. I am just hoping that we all get out of this alive.]

Escaping the Refectory & the Snipers
Finally checking-out of the Hotel Refectory & into the arms of the Eccliasarchy

When we left the Emperor’s defenders they dispatched all their foes to their final resting place save one at the entryway to the courtyard. He faded back around the corner & the Cell collected themselves.

Arion went along the top of the wall to the corner of The Refectory to reconn and was hit by a sniper’s round to disturbing effect. Lexxicon, peering over the wall, used the warp to cause the machine spirts in the sniper’s weapon to rebel & Arion set off outside the Refectory to hunt his attacker.


[Intios: As I finished reloading my hand cannon, I walked over to the first down clansmen on the roof. I see Arion jump on top of the wall of the Refectory to take a look around. At this moment, I hear a gunshot ring out behind me and see that Arion has taken a hit. It must have been someone from the opposite building because a shot from ground level would have proven difficult. As Arion goes down, I see our psyker Lexxicon jump towards to wall to take a look. She tapped into her power to stop the gun fire. Whatever she did must have worked because the gunfire ceased. When Arion got up after taking a hit, he started running along the roof to eventually get off and go after the sniper that hit him.

I grabbed a Las carbine and a light flak cloak off of the first corpse I saw. I went over to the next corpse and noticed he had a combat shotgun and an extra grenade. I started to drag his body toward the wall of the Refectory when I heard a single energy weapon shot. It felt like a sledgehammer hit me and my entire chest then felt like it was on fire. I could see my chest smoke as my flesh seared. I fell back and then things went black.

My fellow acolytes later told me that I was out for a minute and was hit by a sniper in the Counting House over 300 meters away! Our guardsman, Crucius Magnus, was able to take out the sniper in the Counting House balcony with a well-aimed shot of his own. I was about to take inventory of the third corpse when I saw a group of four clansmen appear on the rooftop in the next building. I saw Crucius take a direct hit from one of the new enemies. Crucius was knocked unconscious and I decided to take cover behind one of the roof’s exhaust vents.

As enemy fire was exploding around me, I see Lexxicon walk onto the wall. She yelled something towards the four enemies and started to chant something. Having seen Lexxicon’s work first hand, I just put my head down and turned away. She manifested something in the Warp and I could feel that I was not better off for it. Next thing I hear is Lexxicon say, “All’s clear!” I uncover my eyes and peer around the vent to see our attackers running away and climbing back off of the roof. As relieved as I was, this business of tapping into the Warp can be quite dangerous for everyone involved.

After eluding the guards, we searched the infirmary to look for medicine and tried to find an empty dwelling to heal our wounds. I noticed some artwork on the wall of some local scenery and beasts. I then saw a partial painting of a monster. Could this have been the daemon that took over Skae and Aristarchus? We were able to find a dwelling of a man later described to be Father Jibby Macatoon. He identified himself as a retired member of the Ecclesiarchy.

With Crucius and Lydia still unconscious from our fire fight in the Refectory, it was decided that we rest and fully heal before proceeding with our mission. We stayed in Father Jibby’s house for two full days. By the end of the second evening, we were ready to set off and decided to go to the area of town where we saw the prisoners tied down to the ground.

Upon reaching the makeshift prison area, which was formerly the dock and container area, we saw about 12 to 13 bodies tied to the ground. Arion could make out that there were two still barely living. We saw him hop over the wall to get into the prison compound before the rest of us went to hide. Arion told us that he spotted guards within the compound and possibly more prisoners. Seems like we need to make preparations for another assault. Time to get ready once again.]

The rest of the Cell began inventorying the corpses’ possessions on the roof while Crucius Magnus took a looksee at the interior of The Refectory. His infantryman’s combat senses tingled just prior to a sniper’s round zinging by from the high balcony of The Counting House some few hundred meters East. Crucius dropped prone, exchanged long-range fire and dropped the fiend with a headshot.

A Fire Team of the Port’s invaders popped over the Refectory wall onto a nearby roof & began exchanging fire with the Inquisitorial commandos. A powerful round from the leader of this Team struck Crucius, leaving a severe wound & concussed him hard to the ground – knocking him out cold.

Intios ducked behind the nearby cover of a vent, as a hail of shots from this Fire Team kicked up debris all around him. Lexxicon, crouched & unseen on the corner of The Refectory wall, shouted a modest insult at them to get their attention & painted herself with the horror of the warp. All fled in terror at the sight of her, down the rope they’d recently ascended.

Clearly the Emperor was with them, since in a nearby neighborhood they found an understanding retired member of the Eccliasarchy that sheltered them to heal & rest.

When the injured were back on their feet they set out to investigate the suspected location of the Warlord’s prison in the area of the portable cargo containers. Their assassin took to the roofs of the cargo containers & discovered a congregation of the Warlord’s men…perhaps what they were looking for…?

In the Name of the Emperor at the O.K. Corral
Acolytes: "Put down your weapons, we have you surrounded!"

At the end of our last missive the Acolyte rescuers had all but arrived in the Southwest corner The refectory 2of The Refectory. Our bloodthirsty young assassin Arion, stuck at the rear bravely carrying the prisoner they’d sprung, Rogue Trader Zeities Dyreson, finally made it into the temporary safety of the clearing.

Most of the Acolytes rushed to the wall. Warden Julo Bendegar grabbed warp-wielding Lexxicon who, using her power, levitated them to the top of the wall, which Warden Julo Bendegar crawled onto. Julo took laser fire from down the street outside, which missed, and in turn laid down some fire at a small handful of bad guys advancing on them from a roof.


[Intios: After our battle within our makeshift headquarters, we rushed out to meet the others as they were running towards to opposite wall. It seemed like the goal was to scale the same wall that the others just repelled from. I made it through the opening and saw our assassin, Arion, carrying the body of the rogue trader trailing behind us. We all rushed to the wall and turned around to provide cover for Arion’s retreat. I noticed that Warden Julo Bendegar grabbed a hold of Lexxicon and proceeded to levitate up the wall. With Julo safely perched upon the wall, Lexxicon floated down to the ground.

I threw my rope over the wall but realized that we did not have a grappling hook for this particular coil. As Arion was approaching us, we came under fire from the clansmen that started to pour in through the opening between buildings. I saw Lydia Ya and Crucius Magnus grab hold of Lexxicon as she attempted to float up to the wall. Lexxicon immediately came under heavy fire as she tried to float up the wall. At the same time, Warden Julo Bendegar was taking fire from the ground level outside the wall as well as a few clansmen who took positions on the rooftop in the building next to us. The heat of battle must have disturbed Lexxicon’s concentration because she floated down with both Lydia and Crucius clutching her.

Arion made it to the wall and dropped . He then threw his rope over the wall and made sure that the grappling hook was secure on the other end. I decided to try for the high ground in order to provide better covering fire. With all of the gear on my back, attempting to scale the wall proved difficult. When I finally started climbing, a grenade went off a couple of meters from me. I felt a sharp pain in my lower body and could not help but lose grip of the rope. I was face down on the ground next to the adjacent wall. I must have been blown two meters off of the rope. From my vantage point, I could see that the grenades were coming from the clansmen on the roof. I started to run towards their building’s roof so that they would not have line of sight on me. As I was running, a grenade went off right next to me. By the grace of the emperor, I was able to dive out of the blast of the grenade.

The grenade blast must have been substantial because my last recollection of Lydia Ya was seeing her face down on the dirt. My team must have taken care of the clansmen on the roof because Lexxicon motioned to me to grab onto her so that she can levitate me up to the rooftop. As I jumped onto the roof, I see three down clansmen. I start to reload my hand cannon but I have an eerie feeling that we are not out of this yet.]

Enemy started pouring into the clearing through the opening all the Acolytes had dashed through moments before. A massive gunfight ensued leaving the autogun-wielding Lydia Ya taking a dirt-nap, as well as a pile of dead foes.

[Lydia: From my corner vantage point, I was able to scatter the Emperor’s enemies that were chasing our group. Arion made it through the opening while still carrying the rogue trader over his shoulder. I made a run for the back wall that we just scaled over. I saw Lexxicon and Warden Julo Bendegar make their way up the 5 meter wall surrounding this complex. As they floated up, I laid some cover fire towards two new enemies pouring in through the opening. I saw Lexxicon float down on her own. Crucius Magnus and I immediately grabbed onto her so that we could be levitated up as well.

It seemed a floating target with two bodies hanging on was quite the target for our enemies. Lexxicon came under heavy fire and was forced back to the ground. As we landed, I took up a spot by the wall in order to get a better firing position. I was able to return the heavy fire with fire of my own. I then heard a grenade go off to my right and noticed that Intios was blown off of his rope that he was climbing.

At this time, our group heard a message through our personal vox communicators. Someone was asking if we have located the head official of Port Suffering. From our data, it would have been the local leader of the Sisters of Battle here on site. All I heard was a team member saying, “Engaging hostile ground forces. Taking heavy fire. Target not acquired.”

Crucius Magnus and I were able to take care of the enemies at they stepped through the opening. Between full auto burst to suppress the enemy and selected semi auto bursts, we were able to drop various enemies one at a time. Then at a most untimely moment, my auto gun malfunctions and stops firing. I began to relocate from my current position. Seconds later a grenade explodes directly to my right. All I felt was pain and then everything went black…]

Opponents on the roof began tossing grenades down on the clustered Inquisitorial warriors below, badly wounding Crucius Magnus and blowing Intios right off a rope he was climbing, heavily wounding him & knocking him unconscious.

From this mayhem Warden Warden Julo Bendegar, who had been trying to help Intios ascend, was knocked off the wall onto the street outside. There he was faced with multiple opponents, selling his life dearly but ultimately resulting in his charred corpse from multiple laser hits.

Eventually our intrepid defenders of the Golden Throne cleared the immediate area of most all foes.