Emperor Preserve

Investigation of Guljian
Nobles seem to have more fun than bodyguards.


From: Karpath Rommulus; Ex-Imperial Guard & Acolyte of the Holy Inquisition, Ordo Xenos

After acquiring undercover outfits to go into investigation of House Guljian. We proceeded to talk to Arbitator Haug Godgraffen to get our fake identification so that we could get into Whittich Spire and the The Shiny Goblet. Once we got our fake I.D.s we went to the portal to the Spire. There seems to be a large amount of unrest on the planet as the GlorAuthority have set up machine gun nests at the entrance to the Spire. There also seems to be a larger than normal amount of security at the portal. With our new identities of Lord Karel de Raaf of Fenksworld for Intios, Solar for Arion, Darial Garghrophic for Odessa, and Canto Zarkov for myself we were able to get through the portal without trouble.

The_Shiny_Goblet_2.jpgWe then proceeded to the The Shiny Goblet, as we were told that that was a common area for nobles to hang out. Odessa and I stayed outside as bodyguards while Arion and Intios went in to converse with the nobles. From what I could hear from the microbeads that we had, most of the information that we have gathered was fairly arbitrary and useless. The little information that we had received about our primary suspects at House Guljian seems to match up to what Cerrat Molia had said about his House. House Guljian is in a very rough spot economically right now. We learned that this most likely means that they fell out of favor with the planetary government. We also learned that the other nobles treat House Guljian as lower class and that House Guljian are barely even nobles currently. If we have to end up storming House Guljian this will work to our advantage. We also learned that there was an Imperial Guardsmen hall that most of the veterans from the Guard like to go.
We got directions from some people at the The Shiny Goblet to the Veteran’s of the Imperial Guard hall and headed there to gather some more information. We gathered some more arbitrary information with little of it pertaining to House Guljian. We did learn that one of the family members of House Guljian is currently serving in the Guard.

Lieutenant Karpath Rommulus log 3
Somebody needs anger managment

I had hoped to never encounter the Cold Trade again. Even though Karkalla knows my history with this he still put me on the task with the rest of the squad. Our mission is to escort four prisoners that were taken from a lodge on Scintilla that had made contact with the Stellar Furioso, a ship that was seized by the Arbites for Cold Trade smuggling, to an arbitrator on Solomon named Haug Godgrafen.
Karkalla said that he wanted us to get some information out of these four before the Arbites could get their hands on them. We are to make contact with Captain Tatyanna Verankov of the Veracium Ferit. After a few weeks of travel we will end up on Solomon. I pray to the God Emperor that nothing goes wrong.
Well that was unexpected. I’m starting to learn some of the ways and personalities of my new squad. Boy, does Odessa have a temper on her. Almost killed 2 of the prisoners before we even had time to ask questions. Hell, if it wasn’t for Intios and Arion being skilled in medicae they probably would have died. Turns out that House Guljian is the one likely dealing in Cold Trade material. I am going to find whoever the head of this is and put them down.
After landing on Solomon we visited Haug Godgrafen and informed him that we would be holding onto the prisoners for some time until our investigation of the Cold Trade on Solomon was complete. He informed us to talk to Sergeant Kitan Tauber of the GlorAuthority to look into House Guljian. Looks like we have to go undercover to get into the spire. Not too fond of leaving my guard armor and my las gun behind, but I will have to make do.
Solomon, what a shit hole. My regiment and I went through Solomon on our way to a warzone before we were redirected to Graia. It was bad ten years ago when we rolled through here. It has gotten even worse. People are almost in outright revolt and I doubt us showing up to the planet will make it any better. I don’t see the planet lasting another twenty years. Boy, did our regiment really raise hell when we were here. I’m surprised the GlorAuthority didn’t try to arrest me the second I stepped onto the planet. Thinking back on it, this was the last time our regiment was together. I miss them all.

Interrogation of the Detainees
Sciscitatio explores a core Inquisitorial activity & Odessa's temper is revealed


From: Intios; Adeptus Administratum & Acolyte of the Holy Inquisition, Ordo Hereticus

After our stop at the quarter master’s, our group was told that we were to escort four detainees to the planet of Solomon. Inquisitor Karkalla originally tasked Interrogator Fredilinus for this assignment but since Fredilinus was searching for Inquisitor Whitlock, it fell upon our group to travel to Solomon with the detainees.

The Adeptus Arbites, based on Solomon, had interdicted a ship by the name of the Stellar Furioso. This ship was a smuggling vessel involved in the Cold Trade, which is the market for xenos artifacts, curiosities, lore, science and even for dangerous xenos creatures.. The four detainees were rounded up during a raid on a mid-hive lodge called Milo’s Refuge. Our assignment was to take the four detainees to the planet Solomon and deliver them to Arbitrator Haug Godgrafen on Hive Gloriana. Karkalla provided his signed letter of Sciscitatio and arranged for us Cell_Interrogation_2.jpgto travel on the merchant ship Veracium Ferit under the command of Captain Tatyanna Verankov.

During our 13 week void jump, we were to interrogate the detainees to find whatever clues or leads we could. Our first detainee was a man named Lothar Leavigne, a local leader of the Welder’s Order. Unfortunately for him, Odessa’s not so delicate interrogation put him in critical condition within the first minute of questioning. I had to medicae him to stabilize him for future questioning. We did find a satchel of paperwork on him. The paperwork did have three names on it: Siman, Ermenrich Torpiner and Pesold Grenz.Interrogation_and_Llo_sticks.jpg

Our second detainee was named Otho Varus. In his luggage we found the Open Hand insignia on his clothing that was a sign of The DeVayne Corporation. The DeVayne Corp holds rights to menial labor in the sector. Their origins were from the Ecclesiarchy but there was an apparent schism and have now evolved into a corporation. The Corporation has made its money off of its labor force. While Varus was not initially forthcoming, we found out from his dataslate that he is a bounty hunter for DeVayne Corp. He looks for runaway “thrawls” and most recently, thrawls from the mining planet of NDOK4. We later found out that it was Lothar Leavigne from whom he was intending to get information for his current bounty hunting assignment.
Our third detainee was named Cerrat Molia. He is a herald of the House of Guljian on the planet Solomon. House Guljian apparently owns many manufactorums on the planet. He was on Scintilla to meet with Marcus Hoff of House Krin. House Krin is known as “Drusus’s Bankers”. Molia arrived on a ship named the Knuzh. He was in the mid-hive to pick up a package but the Magistratum picked him up before the transaction was made. From Molia’s dataslate, we found out that House Guljian is now in debt. He claims no knowledge of the contents within the package he was told to pick up.

Our fourth detainee was Durhan Alrod. Unfortunately for him, Odessa put him in critical condition and it took a day to stabilize him. Alrod is identified as the owner of Milo’s Refuge. Besides the 4 detainees we already have, Alrod did confirm that a family of four, by the name of Saltz, did stay in his lodge and departed before the Magistratum roundup. While Alrod did not have any recollection of anyone using the comm system, we were able to piece together that the Stellar Furioso did call the lodge to ask if Cerrat Molia was present.
After making landfall on Solomon, we went to visit the Inquisition office to pass the information that we had gathered during our interrogation. We set up our meeting in Hive Gloriana with Arbitrator Godgrafen. While signing over the detainees, we told him to secure them for the time being and to have no outside contact. Godgrafen told us that he just heard of another smuggling ship, the Fleet Alexei, whose current whereabouts are unknown.

We wanted to follow our lead regarding House Guljian without causing any suspicion. We asked for any contacts he may have in the Spires. We were given the name of Sergeant Kitan Tauber of the local GlorAuthority, which is what the constabulary enforcers are called on this world. Upon meeting Sgt. Tauber, we asked him about House Guljian. He said that the Shining Goblet on the 25th floor of the Whittich Spire is where local nobles will often gather.

Before deciding on how to enter the Shining Goblet, we headed back to the Inquisition office and asked Clerk Dankert where we could get supplies. He said that he is aware that Aexel Essing has been known to supply members of the Inquisition with armor from time to time. Since walking into the Shining Goblet with Imperial Guard armor may be suspicious, I decided on wearing a flak vest underneath my set of robes. I left it to the others on how they wanted to don themselves. Now we just needed a set of credentials to get us into the Spires in the Upper Hive. Looks like we are heading back to Godgrafen for another favor.

Guardsmen Log Volume Two


Nazauth Karkalla introduced me to the group today. They all seem like a good group of people. It turns out that the psyker I worried about is about two thirds my height and is a woman. After meeting the group and talking with them for a while I find a lot of my fears put to rest. Apparently they just got back from fighting a bunch of dark elder aboard a black ship. From what I have heard they kicked some serious ass. Even killed their leader and kept the helmet as a trophy. Karkalla is assigning us to look after some prisoners and escort them to the Solomon system. Also I am to a part of a new task force called Sciscitatio with the rest of the group. Looks promising.

I am deeply troubled by [Redacted]

The Demise of Akirvas, the Pyre of Fehndahl & the birth of Sciscitatio
I really thought the Brother-Sergeant would say goodbye


From: Intios; Adeptus Administratum & Acolyte of the Holy Inquisition, Ordo Hereticus

From my position behind the rocks near the Dark Eldar’s first insertion point, I am accosted by two Dark Eldars using their blade weapons. After I have fallen into my own pool of blood, one of the Dark Eldars puts me into manacles. To my surprise, the two Dark Eldars leave me to bleed out. I am still conscious but unable to free myself from the manacles. Lucky for me, my hands were bound in front of me. I am able to sling my backpack over my head and get to my medkit. With my blood loss stopped, the fuzziness in my head seems to clear up.

At this moment, there are all sorts of chatter on my internal vox and external mic. I hear Brother-Sergeant Agamorr shouting as boltgun rounds go off. Arion is engaged with various Dark Eldars and Odessa is still perched on top of the container. It seems Sergeant Forden’s treachery was met in kind by Odessa as I see the remnants of his body aflame on top of the container.

Unfortunately, the other members of Calculus-Logi Trempan’s team did not survive the Dark Eldar onslaught. Moments later, it seems the entire cargo hold starts to shake and shift. I lose my footing a few times but I am finally able to regain my balance and run towards to containers. It is evident that the Imperial Navy has started their bombardment of the space hulk. The majority of the Dark Eldars start running towards their initial breach. They must sense that the space hulk is being torn apart.

I am able to get a quick glimpse of Arion’s last fatal blow on Akirvas as his helmet is torn in two. At that moment, Odessa jumps off of her perch and runs towards Akirvas’s body. I hear Agamorr’s voice telling all survivors to rally on his position. I position myself onto the hover cart and work the controls enough to glide myself towards Agamorr. As I meet up with my team members, I see Arion carrying Lady D’s body and Odessa carrying Akirvas’s helmet. As the cargo hold shakes some more, Agamorr yells, “Time to go!”

We rush onto the deck with the escape capsules but notice that there is no power on the entire floor. That’s when we hear the whispered voice of Vogel saying, “Trust in the Emperor, for the Emperor protects.” We all jump into our escape pods and feel a sudden burst of energy pushing our pods away from the space hulk, which is now 1/8 of its original size. I quickly get on the modified vox caster and send a hail to the Imperial Navy for rescue.

Our time convalescing on Scintilla may have taken weeks. Once we were on our feet, we decided to make a visit to our inquisitorial contact, Septimus Dexter. We wanted to inquire if he knew anything more about the daemon Nekaybraianon, the Luminous Reproach or the Liber Daemonica. He told us that these are guarded secrets of Ordo Malleus. We had Dexter take an image of Akirvas’s helmet and he said he would look into clues he can discover.

View_from_the_Funeral_Terrace_of_Tricorn_Palace.jpgWe were soon contacted by Inquisitor Karkalla to meet him on the 125th floor of Tricorn Palace. We arrive and see an enormous open deck with a grand view. We immediately see Inquisitor Artanyan and his acolyte, Bassi. There are various people around one covered body atop a pyre. We find Inquisitor Karkalla standing next to the pyre. He thanks us for joining him and congratulates us on a job well done on the space hulk. Karkalla tells us that the body on the pyre is the witch hunter Fhendahl. Fhendahl’s team had tracked the Burning Princess to Dusk, where they were annihilated. We wondered if this Burning Princess was the one we found clues of on Hesiod’s Wake. The young girl, Ignis, may have been referred to as the burning one.
Karkalla motioned to a gentleman nearby who was dressed in formal Imperial Guard clothing. Karkalla introduces us to Lieutenant Karpath Rommulus. Karpath, who stands at six feet nine inches with grey hair and yellow eyes, tells us he is from the 89th Sepheris Secundus Maceries. I know that Maceries is High Gothic for “wall”. While Imperial guards do not serve as planetary defense forces, I wonder if his time on the frozen planet was guarding from threats beyond or within. Karpath has burn marks on his face and body and a mechanical left arm. He tells us that he is the lone survivor of his unit due to an Ork incursion on the planet Graia. At age 28, Lt. Karpath is much older than most standard Imperial Guardsman. His knack for survival must have garnered the Inquisition’s attention. Karpath proudly proclaims, “Reporting for duty.”

Karkalla proceeds to tell us that he has put together a joint Order Hereticus and Xenos taskforce. He hasn’t rolled it out yet, but we are the first members of the Saint of Vigilance Sciscitatio taskforce. From High Gothic, the direct translation would be "ever seeing, ever looking or ever investigating.” But from the context of how Karkalla was using the term, he most likely means Relentless Vigilance. Karkalla has tasked us with assisting Interrogator Fredelinus escort four individuals to the Solomon system.

After a visit with the quarter master, we are ready to travel to Solomon. It looks like we have another shuttle to catch.

Guardsmen Log Volume One


After a good amount of time with Inquisitor Karkalla he is finally assigning me to a group of acolytes. From what I have heard these acolytes have been around for a while. If the information I have been told is correct then the group consists of an assassin specializing in melee combat, a scribe of the adeptus administratum, and a psyker. Not really a fan of psykers. I don’t trust them and will have to keep an eye on that one.

I still haven’t found [Redacted]

The Light from the Xenos Bonfires Grow Dim

The warp maven battles atop her storage container, enemies ablaze all around her.

The blademaster, who seems to value the blood of his opponents above most else, has left behind a circle of foes, some of whom still burn. He now faces the Archon of this raiding party, who has just sprayed him with a foul liquid liquid that eats through armor & flesh. He felt it enter his system, but he’s from sturdy battle-tested stock, and was able to withstand its poisonous corrosions.

The scholar warrior has fallen, cornered by multiple foes in a side room and sliced with their ultrasharp xenos bayonets until he could stand no longer. To his surprise, through his haze of pain, he found himself being bound rather than dispatched to the Emperor’s bosom. Unfortunately, his vast knowledge includes the rumors of what Dark Eldar take great pleasure in doing to their captives. Blessedly, he knows only vague rumors and no specifics, as he lays there watching his blood expand in a pool around him & left to imagine his grisly fate.

Intermittantly, various Acolytes have seen dataslate-sized rubble flying out of the darkness at their foes. They have suspected it is the spirit of Vogel, for they’ve also heard hiss voice urging them to hold fast, for he has alerted the only help there is.

The Space Marine Brother-Sergeant Agamorr joined the battle, seemingly risen from the dead. The deep loud thumps heard by the cell were charges he used to breach the deck, from a defensible room he had been able to fight his way to but had then been trapped in. The Space Marine’s armor is a wreck, deeply scored with claws and leaking fluids from many places. His Thunderhammer is completely coated in alien gore & drips ichor.


The Acolytes Spread the Emperor's Light in Hold #6
Who knew Eldar were so flammable?

Burning Dark Eldar lends a flickering & slightly brighter quality to the vast Inquisitorial Hold. The odor of cooked xenos flesh permeates the previously musty ambiance….


Inquisitor Adorjin, the Luminous Reproach, the Liber Daemonica & the Kabal of the Crimson Woe
Starting combat in cover has its advantages


From: Intios; Adeptus Administratum & Acolyte of the Holy Inquisition, Ordo Hereticus

We walked into the black ship with the Acolytes sent by Inquisitor Soldevan. Their group leader seemed to be led by Calculus-Logi Trempan. Also in their group were Enginseer Molochan, Sergeant Forden and Lady D. We decided to work together for the time being to accomplish our mission to locate the Luminous Reproach.

As we walked deeper into the black ship, we were being surrounded by human apparitions of all types. Their leader, who identified himself as Crovus, asked if we were with the Inquisition. As the spirits circled in around us, we heard another voice yell out, “The dead shouldn’t plague the living, Crovus.” As we heard this voice, the other spirits stepped aside to allow a spirit of a man in a long coat step forward. Crovus referred to this new spirit as Vogel and called him a heretic. Vogel began walking away but before he did so, he implied that he could tell us more about what was hunting us.

We followed Vogel to what seemed like his personal quarters. He identified himself as Ishtan Vogel, former acolyte of the Inquisition, serving Inquisitor Adorjin. Vogel immediately recognized all of us as current acolytes. He was the one who sent Adorjin’s signal from the black ship when it entered real space. I asked him how he was able to get a signal out when our own modified vox casters could not penetrate the space hulk. He told us that the bridge of the black ship had a transmitter that allowed him to send short messages out of the hulk for the Imperial Navy to receive. Vogel knows that with the hulk entering real space so close to Scintilla, the Navy will have no choice but to destroy it. Vogel told us to take Adorjin’s possessions and leave this hulk quickly.

We asked if the Luminous was still with Adorjin. Vogel looked at us inquisitively and asked us if we were only here for the blade. What else is there, we asked. Vogel told us among Adorjin’s possessions is the Liber Daemonica. This is the book of the Grey Knights and as one of their highest honors, gave the book to Inquisitor Adorjin. Vogel told us the story of how Adorjin was possessed at a young age by the daemon Nekaybraianon. Adorjin made it her life’s work to track and take vengeance upon Nekaybraianon. After two centuries, Adorjin was finally able to trap Nekaybraianon within the hold of this black ship, now code named Twilight. Vogel pointed us in the direction of Hold 13.

Upon entering Hold 13, we can only see one light source a few meters above the ground. As we get closer to the light source, we all make the realization that what we are walking on are the frozen remains of the daemon Nekaybraianon. All around us are tentacles, gaping mouths, fangs and eyeballs everywhere. The light source is coming from the Luminous Reproach itself. Both frozen in time and in ice is the display of Inquisitor Adorjin, wearing her power armor, driving the Luminous into the body of the daemon. As I gaze upon Adorjin’s frozen body, I have a strange feeling about desecrating what is the final resting place of this Inquisitor. Any objections were quickly overcome because we were sent on a mission to retrieve the blade.

Arion climbs on top of the mass that was the daemon and gets to Adorjin. Both of her hands are clutching the sword and the Liber Daemonica is strapped to a chain on her hip. It takes a while to chip the ice away so that we can separate Adorjin’s body from the daemon. Once Adorjin’s body was free, I use the hover cart to levitate up to her level so that we can move the body onto the cart. Out of fear of the daemon I am now climbing, I instinctively start singing an old hymn to the Emperor. I notice that any fear I once felt slowing fade away. Once Adorjin’s body was taken care of, we were able to free both the sword and the book. Arion quickly put away the articles into his backpack. Odessa and I are now on high alert to any treachery from Trempan’s group.

Vogel seems relieved when we were able to get both the book and sword. Now he warns us that the Corsairs/Dark Eldars will be arriving shortly. The Dark Eldars seem to favor a breach within Hold 6. At this time we go about looking for materials that may slow down their advance. The enginseer and I go to Hold 3 and find multiple containers of flammable fluid as well as a tool set with cooper wires, flares, goggles, gloves and smaller containers. We bring this material back to Hold 6 so that we can setup traps.

As the enginseer is setting up grenade traps, Odessa and Arion are setting up their fire trap nearby. I am able to ride the hover cart back to Hold 3 to look for more useful materials. I hear Odessa ask Vogel if the name Akirvas means anything to him. Vogel believes that he has heard the Dark Eldars refer to one as Akirvas. After the traps were set, Vogel calls to our attention a small object on the wall. He uses some sort of telekinetic power to rip it off. He points to the small crystalline object and says, “They’re coming.”
Moments later, a 2 meter floating disk appears by the breach in Hold 6. A hologram projection comes to life. A booming voice says, “I am Akirvas, the leader of the Cabal of the Crimson Woe. Will anyone parlay with me?” Arion steps towards to hologram and inquires what the Dark Eldar want Arkivas_-_Dark_Eldar_Archon.jpgwithin the Twilight. Akirvas states that all he wants is to go through our possessions in exchange for our lives. We obviously do not acquiesce to their demands. Seconds later the platform explodes into pieces.

We have now all taken positions behind the cargo containers near the breach. Even in the darkness, we know that the Dark Eldar have arrived. It seems our grenade traps have worked since we hear a few explosions. We see the initial wave of Dark Eldar pour out of the breach. There may be six or so. We hear the distinct sound of the Dark Eldar weapons, similar to the sound of the one we confiscated. At this point, our group along with Trempan’s start shooting at whatever is moving out of the breach. We just have no idea how many of the foul xenos will be coming.

Finding Adorjin
Possibly the first time anyone's ever ran TOWARDS a Black Ship

From: Odessa; Adeptus Administratum & Acolyte of the Holy Inquisition, Ordo Hereticus

Blue_Spirit_-_old_lady.jpg Acolyte Odessa reporting in on the cell’s progress through the Adorjin Space Hulk. It was an unnerving segment of our mission to say the least. Our resolve was tested and obviously found very plentiful. The encounter with the “Blue spirit” continued with my companions floundering around with the bizarre rose-smelling doll and fruitlessly shooting the spirit. Meanwhile, despite my grievous injuries from the unearthly beasts, I was dealing with the spirit most adroitly, setting it on psychic fire and mercilessly pounding it with blasts of bio lightning! Eventually it fled from me but not before making some attempt to become one with my mind. I was far too much for it of course, but it’s presence seemed to linger with me for some time after, providing me with visions of dubious value, most likely related to my usual(empire approved) daymares.

After defeating it, we carried on towards the presumed direction of the black ship. In a gigantic cavern seemingly constructed of rock and ships, we encountered a ghostly child which I bravely confronted with the help of the brother sergeant. Luckily it was not hostile and warned us of some unknown horror, at which time I sensed a warp related braying and crying in the distance. We chose to move along swiftly to reduce the likelihood of horror.

We moved on through airless corridors lined with metal collars attached to the walls. We weren’t sure of their purpose but decided that they were no good, and the brother sergeant removed them from the walls. Nearby the only way for us to continue was through a small hatch. Arion led the way and swiftly discovered a Dark Eldar lurking in the room beyond. It hurled some disturbing item which caused Intios and I to be incapacitated, myself briefly, Intios for a good long while. After recovering I assisted Arion with dispatching the xenos which seemed to be a subject of intense hatred on the part of Arion. Once I was helping with my powers of psychic shutdown Arion had no difficulty stabbing it to death. My compatriots were excited but clueless about the pistol it had been wielding.

Carrying on, we were assaulted in a corridor by two more of the horrible warp beasts which had wounded me earlier. Being quite important in dealingCalculus-Logi_Trempan.jpg with these creatures, I made sure I was not further injured and successfully provided psychic weakening so that my companions could deal with them and overall we had no great difficulty dispatching the monstrous things. Not so easily did we deal with the horrifying wave of beasts to come. From the other end of the corridor an indescribable mass of the things was coming towards us. We realized we had no chance of fighting them but only the brother sergeant acted with the needed conviction. He guided the rest of us down a side corridor then gave his life for us and the emperor by slowing the tide.

We scurried away from the issue so as to not waste the sacrifice of our companion. After passing through several more chambers we finally reached a cavern which contained the black ship we had been seeking in the distance. The horde of warp beasts were at our heels the entire way so we continued swiftly down a stone corridor which seemed to lead to the ship. Astoundingly we encountered another group of acolytes who had seemingly been sent on the same mission. The lack of confidence in our abilities by our Inquisitors was quite surprising to me. Our groups were able to convince each other that were not a threat and agreed to join forces for the time being.

We entered the black ship just as the horde reached us but strange sigils carved on to the black ship appeared to push them back and we were finally Sergeant_Forden.jpgsafe for the time being. I noticed that the psychic suppression sigils on the ship had however been defaced and were inactive. We carried on into the ship, hoping that we were near to discovering the fate of Adorjin. We encountered the ghostly girl again on the ship, she seemed excited to introduce us to some “others”, though seemed worried that we were Inquisitors. We did not reveal our association with the inquisition in order to first gather more information.

Shortly after that we came upon the others she was referring to, a large collection of ghostly people we deduced to be the spirits of the psychers-in-training who had died on the ship. One of them appeared to be the leader and called himself Crovus. He began indifferent towards us but slowly became more convinced we were associated with the inquisition which he took quite poorly. We were concerned some kind of confrontation was about to begin which we had no interest in engaging with, when another spirit interrupted Crovus, telling him to not bother the living. We hope this is Enginseer_Molochan.jpgsuccessful, the spirits should be put to rest, there but for the grace of the Emperor go I.