Brother Lamark (Deceased)

DECEASED--Garrulous former Guardsman who is a churchman of Stern Hope on Iocathos


The Acolytes found Brother Lamark near death on the stairs of The Priory of Stern Hope & he died shortly after speaking with them one last time.

Brother Lamark is a loud and talkative sort; he smiles often & laughs a lot. For all that he is a cleric, Lamark still indulges in earthly pleasures from time to time, and will happily drink a willing Acolyte under the table and swap war stories if the opportunity arises. If questioned on the strange goings on, he will answer that he has seen nothing personally, and tells the Acolytes that many of the congregation are superstitious people who have suffered much in their lives, a fact which can affect their judgement. Having said that, only a fool would discount the possibility of such things happening, and the wiles of the archenemy are many…


Lamark is a garrulous former Imperial Guard NCO who “felt the call” and joined the church as soon as he mustered out. Originally hailing from the sector capital Scintilla, he’s a hearty man in his late 50’s, accustomed to getting things done and good at looking after those in his charge, whether that means a squad of recruits, as in the old days, or the Stern Hope Pilgrims. Lamark was assigned to Skae’s mission by the Eccliasiarchy and believes wholeheartedly in it.

Brother Lamark (Deceased)

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