Brother-Sergeant Agamorr

Full battle brother of the Hammers of Retribution; seconded to the Deathwatch some 30 years ago.


Brother-Sergeant Agamorr’s black power armor is clearly ancient with carefully maintained ornately inlaid plates. One of his shoulder plates bears the cyber-skull cog of the Deathwatch, the Chamber Militant of Ordo Xenos. The other is marked with a pair of ornate crossed thunderhammers, the symbol of his Chapter. He wields an ancient well-worn thunderhammer and wears a bolt pistol at his side.

The Deathwatch Badge


The Cell met him aboard the Imperial Navy Cruiser, the Magnus Ecthelion – he briefed them on their mission aboard the space hulk code named Twilight & accompanied them on it.

The Cell found him to be straightforward in both words and deeds. He seldom hesitates once he’s chosen a course of action and his speech is often directly to the point.

He explained that he had been seconded to the Deathwatch for a ten-year tour of duty some thirty years ago. The Inquisition & his brothers decided that he had an affinity for the task, so his time with the Deathwatch was extended indefinitely.

Brother-Sergeant Agamorr

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