Colchis Skarmen

Arbitrator Precinct Marshal in Sinophia Magna on the planet of Sinophia


The Precinct Marshal is an imposing and distinguished figure whose grey hair and beard does not hide the fit, muscled form beneath his black carapace armor. His manner is firm and commanding. He presents himself as a no-nonsense, tough, reasonable and pious veteran of service to the Golden Throne.


Sciscitatio encountered Precinct Marshal Skarmen during their mission on Sinophia. The Cell responded to a request by Skarmen’s adjutant Fihad Constantine to investigate a strange pattern of murders that threatened to throw the capitol city into chaos.

Colchis Skarmen had been quickly assigned to Sinophia Magna after the demise of his predecessor during the Empty Men incident almost a year ago. The large majority of Arbites officers died in the destruction of the Arbites Precinct Fortress in District VI. So the Precinct Marshal took what Arbitrators remained and commandeered the long deserted Haarlock’s Folly tower as a makeshift precinct.

Colchis Skarmen

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