Eiael (pronounced "Yale")

Skinny, Cloaked, Pale, Gangly Voidborn


Name: Eiael
Player: S. Williams
Gender: Male
Age: 59 Years by the Imperial Calender, subjective age unknown.
Build: Gangley
Complexion: Milky
Hair: Red
Eyes: Left – Green, Right – Water Blue
Superstition: Ebon Offerings
Momentos: Name Redacted Ident Tags from his birth ship; Crystal Ring from A.A.T.
Home World: Voidborn
Background: Adeptus Astra Telepathica
Role: Mystic
Elite Advances: Psyker
Divination: The only true fear is dying without your duty done.

WS 39
BS 24
S 27
T 31
AG 33
Int 37
Per 34
WP 49
Fel 36
Ifl 29

XP/Spent: 0/22700
Fate: 3

Aptitudes: Int; Per; WP; WS; Psyker; Defense; Knowledge

CL: Adeptus Astra Telepathica – Known
FL: Warp – Known
FL: Xenos (Craftworld Eldar) – Known
FL: Demonology – Known
Language: Low Gothic – Native
Language: Eldar – Known
Psyniscience – Known
Survival – Known

Talents & Traits:
Strong Minded –
Sanctioned Psyker
Weapon Training: Las, Low Tech
Warp Sense
Psy Rating 2
Resistance (Fear)
Favored by the Warp
Exotic Weapon (Razorflail)

Las Pistol
Mono Knife
Light Flak Cloak
Psi Focus (Crystal)
Survival Suit

Special Abilities:
Child of the Dark
Constant Threat

Psykic Powers:
Warp Perception
Telekinetic Control
Manipulate Flame
Word of Beasts

Eiael (pronounced "Yale")

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