Eugertes Doson (Retired)

Void-born Assassin


Rank – Sell-Steel
Male / Left-handed / Stunted 1.65m-55kg / Youth-22 / Greyish skin / Black hair / Green eyes
Tiny ears

WS: 34
BS: 45
S: 28
T: 29
AG: 41
INT: 27
PER: 35
WP: 36
FEL: 31
Wounds: 12
Fate: 2
Walk (1/2 action): 4m, Walk (Full Action): 8m, Charge: 12m, Run: 24m
Carry-18kg / Lift-36kg / Push-72kg; Jump-40cm / Running Leap-2m


  • Charmed: When spending a Fate Point (not if you burn one) on a roll of natural 9 you do not lose the Fate Point.
  • Ill-Omened:
    • You take a -5 penalty on all Fellowship Tests made to interact with non-Void born humans.
    • The Void born are shunned & mistrusted by most – and are most likely to attract any negative attention that the party of Acolytes creates.
  • Void Accustomed:
    • You are immune to space travel sickness.
    • Zero- or low-gravity environments are not considered Difficult Terrain for you
  • Shipwise:
    • Treat Navigation (Stellar/Int) as a Basic Skill
    • Treat Pilot (Spacecraft/Ag) as a Basic Skill
    • Treat Common Lore (Ship Life/Int) as a Basic Skill


  • Speak Language (Low Gothic/Int)
  • Speak Language (Ship Dialect/Int)
  • Silent Move (Ag)
  • Common Lore (UnderWorld/Int)


  • Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
  • Pistol Weapon Training (SP)
  • Basic Weapon Training (SP)
  • Thrown Weapon Training (Test Ballistic Skill & add Strength Bonus to damage)
  • Ambidextrous
  • Unremarkable
  • Sound Constitution x3
  • Furious Assault


Flak Cloak 8kg
Hunting Rifle w/silencer 5kg+0.5kg
9 rounds of rifle ammo 1kg
3 Frag Grenades 1.5kg
Sword 3kg
Knife 0.5kg
10 Throwing Knives 5kg
3 Stimm
Charm (corpse hair)
Black Bodyglove 1kg
4 pairs of clothes 8kg
15m of rope 7.5kg
Rations (# of days?) kg?
Canteen 2kg
Micro Bead Comms
Lamp Pack 0.5kg

Thrones: 28
Monthly Income: 132



  • Agility – Simple/100xp
  • Ballistic Skill – Simple/100xp
  • Ambidextrous 100xp
  • Silent Move 100Xp

XP to spend: 0
XP spent: 400


Ship Tradition/Void Born Craft of Origin:
You were born upon one of the great trading vessels of old. As part of a crew endlessly plying a traditional route, you grew up within the gloomy holds, packed with exotic riches you could never own. Fearfully accepted into port, yet welcomed at none, you are likely to be materialist in nature, with a great eye for deals and a cynical view of human nature.

Eugertes Doson (Retired)

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