Inditor by rank, he was Intios' superior prior to the Inquisition


Intios’s superior, Inditor Frangeeso, said that a group of off-worlders had come to the data vaults looking for possible activity regarding a certain group of individuals. These individuals that needed to be tracked may have come from the planet of Tranch.

Through checking and cross checking of itineraries, Intios was able to discern a few individuals did pass through Grove’s Fall before departing for other destinations. He did not report this to Frangeeso directly. When the mysterious off-worlder stopped in to ask for an update, Intios presented the information directly instead of passing it to Frangeeso. Intios was never fond of Frangeeso, especially since he took over for his mentor. Intios thought, Frangeeso has no noble standing, why should he take all of the credit? This act infuriated Frangeeso. Frangeeso’s next act was to send Intios off to the frozen world of Sepheris Secundus. This suited Intios just fine as he wanted to be away from the family business and away from Frangeeso.


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