Haug Godgrafen

Arbitrator out of the Arbites fortress precinct in Hive Gloriana on the planet Solomon


Young., ambitious & well considered – Godgrafen has advanced in stature rapidly. He’s fit & seen ample action. Inside the precinct, where he spends a significant amount of time working investigations, he’ll likely be found in cloth uniform. When his duties take him outside the huge structure he dons the full carapace armor typical of the Arbites.


Arbitrator Godgrafen was the Arbites contact on the planet Solomon that the newly formed unofficial Sciscitatio was to deliver several detainees taken on Scintilla. Godgrafen works out of the fortress precinct in Hive Gloriana.

The Adeptus Arbites, based out of Solomon, had recently interdicted a Cold Trade smuggler ship, the Stellar Furioso. In the ship’s records, they found that it had last been to Scintilla & had contacted a cheap lodge, called Milo’s Refuge, in a less than desirable neighborhood in the MidHive. At the request of the Solomon Arbites, the Scintilla Magistratum picked up everyone they found at the lodge.

Inquisitor Karkalla, as Ordo Xenos, was quite interested in anything having to do with the Cold Trade, volunteered to transport the detainees to Solomon for questioning by the Arbites. He did this so his own people could question these men first. Arbitrator Godgrafen was the officer the detainees were to be delivered to.

Arbitrator Haug Godgrafen was the resource that the Cell turned to the most for items and services they needed. Godgrafen got them what they needed, of course happy to help the Holy Ordos. In reality, it was clear a tab was growing that at some point the Arbites would call upon.

Haug Godgrafen

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