Iacopo Salucci

Private hangar guard at Port Gyre in Hive Gloriana on the planet of Solomon.


A fairly average citizen of Solomon physically, with a marred complexion due to years of exposure to his planet’s high level of environmental toxicity, including inside the Hives. The only exception being that he’s a bit on the burly side compared to others on this planet, who have started to show subtle signs of stunted growth.


The Sciscitatio Task Force came upon Iacopo Salucci in the old manufactorum in Three Stakes’ Rest in Hive Gloriana on the planet of Solomon. Salucci and his colleague Tilusch Kaunitzer had been taken prisoner weeks before while watching one of the Port Gyre hangars. As a private Port Gyre guard, Salucci’s life passed for exciting among just about everybody he knew…most of whom were disgruntled workers in the countless manufactorums that turned out munitions for the humorless Departmento Munitorium. That mistaken impression was not one that Iacopo Salucci would be repeating. He had seen things in the last fortnight or two that had both terrified him, assured him of his own very temporary mortality and made him question his understanding of what was real and what was…? He will always envy the consecutive hours of sleep that he enjoyed, in, what his thoughts now referred to as , his “prior life”. Emperor please preserve.

Iacopo Salucci

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