Young Archivist Adept trying to stand out.


Wearing Administratum Robes

Imperial World Grove’s Fall; Administratum Adept
Very young / Blue hair / pierced nose / appears physically fit
Male / 1.75m / 70 kilos / Dark skin / Blue hair / Blue eyes

WS: 30 BS: 25 S: 34 T: 37 AG: 25 INT: 39 PER: 35 WP: 30 FEL: 32

Wounds: 9; Movement: 2/4/6/12


Speak Language (Low Gothic/Int) Literacy (Int) Trade (Valet/Fel) Common Lore (Imperium/Int)
Common Lore (Tech/Int) Scholastic Lore (Legend/Int) Drive (Ground Vehicle/Ag) Drive (Hover Vehicle/Ag)


Pistol Training (SP) Light Sleeper Unremarkable


  • Blessed Ignorance: -5 penalty on Forbidden Lore (Int) Tests
  • Hagiography: Treat the following as Basic Skills
    • Common Lore (Imperial Creed/Int)
    • Common Lore (War/Int)
  • Superior Origins: Willpower was increased by +3 (already added to stat)


  • Backpack

Several days ago out of the blue you were seconded to Inquisitor Globus Vaarak. He has had you running down various questions for him.

  • He had you identify an old key with the inscription of Gorgonid – of course referring to one of the largest mines on Sepheris Secundus. It turned out to be the key to the gates of the mine.
  • He’s had you look into any historical activity on the planet of a mutant cult called The Pale Throng – you found none.
  • He had you look into the identity of a mutant and you sent the very thin file on him to the Inquisitor; there was nothing remarkable in it.
  • He just told you that a team of his Acolytes was arriving any time and that you will have the pleasure of being under the command of Phaedros, who is the “Prime” of that group.


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