Jaleb Samtoll

Chief Counselor of Hesiod Wake's Viceroy of the Harvest, Martein Kathrinka


5’7 Tall / 150 lbs. / Gray eyes / Dark hair

Heavy white counselor’s robes


The Cell met Chief Counselor Jaleb Samtoll when he accompanied Viceroy Martein Kathrinka into the Governor Kathrinka’s meeting room to meet the Acolytes.

Samtoll canceled last minute from attending Governor Everlast Kathrinka’s state dinner, where the acolytes were to be the guests of honor. The acolytes never showed and a bomb went off, seriously injuring the Viceroy and critically injuring the Governor.

The Strictionists looked high and low for him afterwards to talk to him about the missed dinner but could not find him. The Cell saw Samtoll on footage from the base they found in the forest; they saw him in the company of Adept Kerred Smyk, a person they were told to search for in Port Suffering, Iocanthos.

Jaleb Samtoll

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