Joyhall Bizzerat

Captain; Master of The Fortune's Path


Youthfully middle-aged in appearance, Captain Bizzerat is all gray but hardy-looking. He bears a countenance that tends to leave others comfortable, yet without doubt that he is in command.


Captain Bizzerat is a well-traveled commercial trader in the Calixis Sector.

The Sciscitatio Inquisitorial Cell made Captain Bizzerat’s acquaintance when Inquisitor Nazauth Karkalla arranged their transportation to the Sinophia system, telling them that he’d traveled on The Fortune’s Path a number of times before. Freshly minted Acolyte, Tilusch Kaunitzer, briefly met the Captain’s Astropath, Ga Samarase.

Those on-board who had extensive Warp travel experience prior to the unusual smoothness of the Warp tides of the last 6-9 months, would describe the trip to Sinophia as blessedly uneventful.

Joyhall Bizzerat

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