Karpath Rommulus


Imperial Guardsman

Male; Strapping 6’10/2.1m; 265lbs/120kg; 28yo; Dark skin; Grey hair; Yellow eyes
Quirks: Severe Facial Scarring

WS: 25 BS: 45 S: 45 T: 50 AG: 30 INT: 25 PER: 25 WP: 35 FEL: 25 IFL: 30
Movement: 3/6/9/18 Wounds: 11


  • The Old Way: In the hands of a feral world character, any Low-Tech weapon loses the Primitive quality (if it had it) and gains the Proven (3) Quality.
  • Hammer of the Emperor: When attacking a target that an ally attacked since the end of the Guardsman’s last turn, the Guardsman can re-roll any results of 1 or 2 on damage rolls.
  • Expert at Violence: In addition to the normal uses of Fate Points, after making a successful attack test, but after determining hits, a Warrior character may spend a Fate point to substitute his Weapon Skill (for melee) or Ballistic Skill (for ranged) bonus for the DoS scored on the attack test.


  • Athletics p99
  • Command p101
  • Common Lore (Imperial Guard) p102
  • Dodge p104
  • Navigate (Surface) p110
  • Operate (Surface) p110
  • Intimidate p106
  • Awareness p100


  • Iron Jaw p128
  • Jaded p128
  • Weapon Training (Las, Low-Tech, Heavy, SP) p133
  • Bulging Biceps p123

Insanity: 2 / Corruption: 1 / Fate Points: 3

Aptitudes: Defense, Toughness, Ballistic Skill, Offense, Strength, Weapon Skill, Fieldcraft, General


A young lieutenant from Sepheris Secundus. Served in the Imperial Guard until his regiment was wiped out by Orks. Was later picked up by Inquisitor Karkalla after returning to his home world of Speheris Secundus.

Karpath Rommulus

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