Lexxicon (Retired)

Albino Imperial Psyker


Rank – Sanctionite
Female / Right handed / Guant 1.75m—60kg / Black hair / Violet eyes / 70 years old

WS: 29
BS: 26
STR: 34
T: 31
AG: 26
INT: 25
PER: 29
WP: 43
FEL: 30
Wounds: 10
Fate: 2
Walk (1/2 action): 2m, Walk (Full Action): 4m, Charge: 6m, Run: 12m

Imperial Conditioning: +10 bonus on Willpower Tests made to resist Fear or attempts to control or possess your mind (psychically, chemically or otherwise).
Advanced Skills treated as Basic:

  • Survival (Int): Used to subsist in the wild. This skill encompasses such activities as fishing, game hunting, making fires, finding edible food, constructing improvised shelters, finding safe resting places, and so on. The difficulty of the test depends on the environment, with Death Worlds being much more difficult to survive than an agri-world. A Survival Test takes one hour, with each degree of success reducing this time by ten minutes.
  • Common Lore (Tech/Int): Used to recall the habits, institutions, traditions, public figures & superstitions of a particular world, cultural group, organization or race. The skill does not represent scholarly learning (which is Scholastic Lore) nor obscure forbidden knowledge (which is Forbidden Lore) but rather the basics you learn by growing up or travelling extensively through a region.


  • Awareness (Per): The Awareness skill reflects your ability to perceive hidden dangers and to notice small details about your physical surroundings. You use the Awareness skill to notice ambushes, spot traps and discern other threats to you and your allies. Awareness is not tied to any one sense; it encompasses them all.
  • Speak Language (Low Gothic/Int): Used to communicate with others using a common tongue. Low Gothic is the official tongue of the Imperium. Tests are unnecessary if all speakers know the language.
  • Literacy (Int): Enables you to read any language you can speak. You do not need to Test Literacy for everyday reading or writing but GM may call for a Literacy Test when you attempt to read a challenging dialect, poor penmanship, decipher obscure phraseology, archaic usage or unusual idioms.
  • Deceive (Fel): used to lie & con others. You make Deceive Tests whenever yo would convince others of something that is not necessarily true, want to dupe them or otherwise swindle and mislead them. Deceive Test can affect a number of targets equal to your Fellowship Bonus & your targets must be able to see and hear you clearly and understand what you say. Deceive is typically opposed by Scrutiny.
  • Intimidate (Fel): You make Intimidate Tests whenever you want to coerce or frighten individuals or a small group; the more degrees of success the more frightened your opponent becomes. An Intimidate Test can affect a number of targets equal to your Fellowship Bonus. Your targets must be able to see and hear you clearly and understand what you say. An Intimidate Test is a Full Action.
  • Psyniscience (Per): Most common application is to detect the presence or absence of Daemons or other psykers. You can also Test to detect unusual psychic phenomena, areas where realspace has been “disrupted”, areas where the immaterium seems to be blocked (or shielded against), and so on. Degrees of success determine range & the amount of information learned.
  • Invocation (WP): Allows you to boost your Power Roll when using Psychic Powers by an amount equal to your WP Bonus. An Invocation Test is a Full Action.
  • Trade (Merchant/Fel): Indicates you know how to practice a trade or craft; Merchant is used to find, bargain & sell trade goods. You can Trade Test to identify the handiwork of a particular craftsman or to know something about a particular item.
  • Trade (Soothsayer/Fel): Used to give the appearance of telling the future.


  • Jaded: You never gain Insanity Points from the sight of blood, death or violence…or indeed any mundane horror. Supernatural terrors still affect you as normal, however.
  • Pistol Weapon Training (SP, Las): You are trained in these groups of pistols and can use them without penalty.
  • Melee Weapon Training (Primitive): You have received basic training in a group of hand-to-hand weaponry, and can use them without penalty.


    • Healer: (Threshold-7; Focus Time-Full Action; Sustained-No; Range-10m)
      May only use this on a willing target removing 1D5 point of damage (removing Critical Damage first).
    • Unnatural Aim: (Threshold-8; Focus time-Half Action; Sustained-No; Range-You)
      Before the end of your next turn, any ranged attacks you make count as being made at Point Blank Range (+30 to hit).
    • Call Item: (Threshold-5; Focus time-Half Action; Sustained-No; Range-Unlimited)
      You summon a specially prepared item to instantly appear in your hand. The object must be small and light enough to be carried in one hand..and you may have only one prepared item at a time.
    • Fearful Aura: (Threshold-7; Focus time-Full Action; Sustained-Yes; Range-Self)
      You twist reality in such a way as to make you appear more sinister and dangerous. You become the source of dread for anyone who looks upon you. Whilst this power is active, you have a Fear Rating of 2. See Chapter VIII: The Game Master, page 232 for details on Fear Ratings.
      Overbleed: For every 10 points by which you exceed the Threshold, your Fear Rating increases by 1.
    • Inflict Pain: (Threshold-8; Focus time-Half Action; Sustained-Yes; Range-100m)
      You cause a person to be wracked with agony, filling their minds with unspeakable pain. The target is entitled to a Willpower Test to resist the effects of this power. On a failed Test, the target suffers a –10 to all their Tests as they struggle to control their pain.
      Overbleed: For every 10 points by which you exceed the Threshold you can extend the effects of this power to affect another target.
    • Chameleon: (Threshold-7; Focus time-Half Action; Sustained-Yes; Range-Self)
      You cause reality to blur around you, distorting your image and allowing you to blend in with your surroundings. You gain a +30 bonus to Concealment Tests. In addition, all opponents using ranged weapons to attack you suffer a –20 penalty to their Ballistic Skill Tests.
    • Distort Vision: (Threshold-8; Focus time-Free Action; Sustained-No; Range-Self)
      With this power your physical form distorts and you almost fade from view. Your precise location becomes extremely difficult to discern, and until the start of your next turn all attacks against you suffer a –30 penalty to hit. Characters with the Blind Fighting Talent only suffer a –10 penalty. A successful Challenging (+0) Psyniscience Test removes this penalty for the attacker. Sensory equipment based on standard optical sensors are fooled by this power; ones that read thermal patterns, use motion sensors, or rely on some other form of detection are not. Creatures and sensors that do not rely on sight are not affected by this power.
  • SANCTIONING SIDE EFFECT: Powerful conditioning causes you to chant the Litany of Protection in a whispered voice whenever you are sleep or unconscious.


Quilted Vest 2kg
Sword 3kg
(2) Las Pistols (15m; S/-/-; 1d10+2 E; Pen 0; Clip 30; Full; Reliable \ 2 charge pack Weapon-1.5kg / Charge pack-.15kg
Knife (psykana mercy blade) marked it with glyphs and runes 0.5kg
Tatty Robe (poor quality clothing) 2kg
Deck of cards
Small metal object (you were given on Terra – Psy-Focus)
Sanctioning Brand
Flak Cloak

Thrones: 9
Monthly Income: 70



  • Willpower – Simple / 100 xp
  • Minor Psychic Power / 100 xp
  • Sound Constitution x2 / 200 xp
  • Psy Raiting 2 – ? /200 xp
  • Awareness / 100 xp
  • Minor Psychic Power / 100 xp
  • Minor Psychic Power / 100 xp

XP to spend: 0
XP Spent: 900

Lexxicon (Retired)

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