Nazauth Karkalla

Inquisitor, Ordo Xenos


Tall, athletic and somewhat slim build. He’s charismatic & tends to be direct. Doesn’t smile much but is not entirely unpleasant to interact with.


Colleague of Inquisitor Globus Vaarak. Though out of touch for some time, they’d worked together in years past and clearly admire each other. They seem to commonly refer to each other by first names and Karkalla was heard to say that he and Vaarak “tend to think about important things the same way.”

The acolytes saw him with a retinue of eight on The Emperor’s Light. The Inquisitor’s ship is the Stalwart Presence.

The Acolytes first met Inquisitor Karkalla aboard The Emperor’s Light in the Hesiod’s Wake system. The interdiction of a xeno-tech smuggling ship, the Profitable Chance, by the Imperial Navy in the Scintilla system led to an interrogation of its Captain, Berwic Fintel, which took Karkalla to Hesiod’s Wake. Fintel had been hired by an unnamed organization to chiefly make runs between Hesiod’s Wake and Scintilla. He’d also made less frequent runs between Iocanthos & Scintilla, at least before the quarantine of the Iocanthos system.

Fridelinus Zermann is a member of his personal retinue. Zermann is a former Investigator for the Arbites.

Nazauth Karkalla

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