Ocular Oracle

Enginseer ancient beyond reckoning; once a member of the Guild Peripatetica


A man of indeterminable age, he sits in an augmentic servo harness that encases his body and a series of bionic data-jacks are connected to several of the machines about the strange shaped room by long cables plugged into his skull and along his entire spine. One of his eyes appears to be solid silver; the other is still human with a bright blue iris but a mechanical lens surrounding it.


The renowned gem-cutter of Ambulon, Kronis Estrun, told the Cell about the Oracle, urging them to seek him for their questions.

The Oracle is down through a tunnel that lies in a strangely empty courtyard (for Ambulon) sitting in the shadow of the Magnopticon, the University of Ambulon. The courtyard is occupied only by this dark and steaming tunnel mouth; an intricate archway carved like a leering mouth that clearly leads down into the machine-city itself.

Ocular Oracle

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