Prelate Orland Skae (Deceased)

Founder & Missionary-Abbot of the settlement Stern Hope on Iocanthos


Skae comes across as a plain-spoken, tough old missionary and a man used to being obeyed. He considers his words carefully before he speaks, but now and then when he becomes agitated his facade of reasoned calm slips and the fervour of a true zealot can be glimpsed underneath.

He typically walks with a staff, and wears plain robes of dark grey cloth, with a white stole to mark his rank and a silver aquila at his neck.


Of a noble family on Scintilla, he answered a calling to join the Emperor’s Ecclesiarchy. Six decades ago, as a young missionary, Orland Skae left the relative comfort of his post in the high churches of Scintilla. Following what he felt to be his vocation to preach the Emperor’s word he travelled to Iocanthos. For many years, he operated with little support, and his crusade to bring the vying warlords and clans of Iocanthos more solidly into the Imperial fold and to fully abandon the “old ways” has been a hard and sometimes bloody struggle. His slow but genuine gains have merited further promotion and support from his distant superiors, eventually becoming impressive enough to garner greater resources from the Ecclesiarchy. This, in turn, has been enough to allow for the establishment of Iocanthos’ first cathedral.

Prelate Orland Skae (Deceased)

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