Raneiro Bassi

Acolyte for Inquisitor Artanyan; Ordo Xenos


The Cell met Acolyte Bassi (and his silent clerk Valentijn) when they were being detained by the Magistratum of Scintilla’s Hive Sibellus for possession of a few dead samples of Xothic Blood Locust xenos. The Magistratum contacted the Ordo Xenos and Acolyte Bassi responded to this request. After privacy was assured, the Cell revealed their true identity to Bassi. Later, Bassi sent them a covert message that he was now aware that they were associates of Inquisitor Nazauth Karkalla and therefore to let Bassi know if he could render any assistance.

Acolyte Bassi is a Prime of Inquisitor Artanyan.

Raneiro Bassi

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