Sergeant Raynard

Raynard is a Sergeant in the Imperial Guard & has seen a lot of action. His direct boss is Commissar Nihilius.


Compact square-jawed ugly man, his head shaved and with a dark blue tattoo right on his scalp. He’s wearing grey fatigues of all the Guards.

Missing his left arm & left eye.
Where his right arm used to be is now a stump on which a large metal rod with a disturbing array of attachments at the end emerges.
One of his eyes is ice blue, cold and staring. The other is a crude false eye, made of wood and wandering off to the left.


Lost his left arm & left eye from an engagement with genestealers at the edge of the system a dozen years ago. The prosthetic limb bothers him a great deal, largely because the medic was slain and a tech-priest was sloppy. He refuses to have it replaced because it reminds him of his hatred for the followers of the Omnimessiah and the Tyranids alike.

Sergeant Raynard

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