Siprit Daneen

Witty journeyman who joined the Joyous Choir through Lady Borella


An individual of somewhat indeterminate gender. Tall & slender.

  • Siprit Daneen is one of Lady Tanae Borella hanger’s-on who has recently joined the Joyous Choir.
  • Some find Siprit’s androgynous appearance, combined with the hoses & wires out the back of her cranium, a little off-putting. However, she is an engaging & witty soul, with always a sly quip at the ready and is typically thought a delight to those around him.
  • Siprit has a knowledgeable manner about him but it’s not clear exactly about what.

The Cell met him at Lady Tanae Borella’s Soiree’ in the spire of Hive Sibellus.

Siprit Daneen

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