Tilusch Kaunitzer (Deceased)

Private hangar guard at Port Gyre in Hive Gloriana on the planet of Solomon.


The Sciscitatio Task Force came upon Tilusch Kaunitzer in the old manufactorum in Three Stakes’ Rest in Hive Gloriana on the planet of Solomon. Kaunitzer and his colleague Iacopo Salucci had been taken prisoner weeks before while watching one of the Port Gyre hangars. Pressed into service by the Inquisition, the line cook and part time security guard must now turn his meager skills toward serving the Emperor…and simply trying to survive.

Formerly overweight, a combination of stress, depression, exposure to warp entities, and repeated forced PT sessions have prematurely aged Kaunitzer and have turned him into a gaunt version of the man that he once was. Kaunitzer appears significantly older than he actually is.

Kaunitzer’s Origin – A 40k Love Story, or How Kaunitzer and Salucci Ended Up in a Cage
There’s no happy ending among the stars, only the laughter of thirsting gods.

Furthering the Backstory – Love is Lost…But Was it Ever Found in the First Place?
Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

Tilusch Kaunitzer (Deceased)

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