Zax Holthane

Sable Trader on the planet Solomon...pursed by Sciscitatio for Cold Trade malfeasance


Of modest height & stature, bald with scarring on his skull that peeked onto his upper forehead. Has mechanical optics for a right eye.


Sciscitatio learned of Zax Holthane from the Babyface ganger known as “Skinner”. Skinner identified him as their supplier of xenos goods to sell to nobles & told them Holthane’s “office” was in Three Stakes’ Rest in the lowest levels of Hive Gloriana’s Midhive.

The Cell shut down Holthane’s office of trade, but he slipped away during their combat with his henchmen. The materials they were able to secure from the Sable Trader’s office indicated he was working on his biggest transaction yet – securing a requested rare item for a Heretek.

Zax Holthane

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