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  • Grenade Scatter

    Short Range: 1m per Degree of Failure (DoF)
    Medium Range: 1m + 1m per DoF
    Long Range: 1m + 1.5m per DoF
    Extreme Range: 1m + 2m per DoF

  • Free Attack - Melee

    In the DH Core Rulebook it stipulates that while engaged in melee, any movement that is not the Disengage Action gives all of your melee opponents a free attack.

    This House Rule is to clarify that this movement

  • Engaged in Melee

    Specifically, the one sentence of the Engaged in Melee rule on pg185 should be changed to: If a character making a melee attack is adjacent to his target, both the character and his target are considered to be engaged in melee. (

  • Grapple Damage

    • Grapple damage ignores armor.
    • When a Grappled character is attacked, the -20 from being Engaged in Melee does not apply & there is not a possibility of the attack hitting anyone else. (e.g. That they are Grappled

  • Overwatch Pinning

    A character performs a Movement Action into an Overwatch kill zone.

    • If they pass their Pinning Test they can finish the Movement Action they were in the middle of when they entered the kill zone.

  • Stun Action

    If the Stun Attack succeeds, depending on what the attacker is armed with, roll the following to get the Stun result:

    Unarmed: 1d5-3 + SB
    Knife: 1d5 + SB
    Improvised Weapon

  • Suppressing Fire

    All parts of the Suppressing Fire description & Effects still apply as per 181, except the following.

    Add the following restrictions:

    • Suppressing Fire requires at least 3 rounds.
    • The maximum # of meters in

  • Darkness in Combat

    Darkness, the combat modifiers for which are on page 185, (& reprinted below) is not pitch blackness but rather, one half-step above it, where one can see the inconsistent outline of something blurred by the darkness.

    Weapon Skill

  • Red-Dot Laser Sight

    The 2nd sentence is amended to read It grants a +10 bonus to Ballistic Skill tests when making a Standard Attack or Called Shot action. The italicized section is whats been added.

  • Overwatch - Melee

    The Overwatch Action, detailed on page 224, also applies to melee attacks. Like the ranged version of Overwatch, no movement is possible as part of the Overwatch action. Unlike the ranged version, Melee Overwatch does not trigger a Pinning Test.


  • Taking the Bullet

    Due to player request, this is the mechanic, entitled Taking the Bullet, for quickly diving in front of another character so that an attack strikes the protector, rather than the protectee. It is a variation of the Special Use of Dodge skill

  • Fire - Extinguishing

    This is an extension of the rules for extinguishing burning characters on page 243.

    • A burning character may drop prone and make a Hard Agility Test as a Full Action to extinguish their own flames.
    • A character, as a Full Action,

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