Automatic Fire - Semi and Full-Auto

To-Hit Modifiers For Each Firing Mode:
Single-shot: +10
Semi-Auto: 0
Full-Auto: -10

Full-Auto Suppression

  • When an individual target is fired at with Full-Auto the target must make a Hard WP Test or be Suppressed.
  • Area Suppression
    • The width of the Suppressed Area is chosen by the shooter, up to a maximum width in meters equal to the # of rounds fired.
    • A Suppression Area a number of meters in width equal to half the rounds fired, rounded up, force those within in it to make a Difficult WP Test to resist Pinning. Each extra meter in width added by the shooter makes the WP Test easier by one step (i.e. Challenging, Ordinary, Routine, etc.) to a maximum modifier of Easy.
    • Shooter makes a Very Hard BS Test to see if their wild spray of fire hit anyone and, if so, the hit target is determined randomly from all potential targets in Suppression Area. Every two Degrees of Success scores an extra hit against another random victim.

Time Taken for Each Action
Single-shot: Half Action
Semi-Auto: Half Action
Full-Auto: Full Action

Automatic Fire - Semi and Full-Auto

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