Barabbas' Glossary

The information contained herein pertains to the Sinophian underworld, known as the Undertow. Work in Progress.


  • (to be) Asleep in the Sinks, or to be put to sleep in the Sinks – to be murdered and have the body disposed of, typically by being dumped in a canal
  • Bottle – references a person’s nerve. To have a lot of bottle is to be brave, to bottle out is to flee, to lose one’s bottle is to lose one’s nerve.
  • Cooker – see vape gun
  • Feth or Frak – Sinophian curse word equivalent to the F bomb
  • Fixer – underworld chirugeon / medicae, usually with little in the way of equipment
  • Flashlight – las-weapon, typically referencing a lasgun.
  • Ganger – gang member
  • Gun-baby – conscript in a House’s fighting force, usually against one’s will (derived from Imperial Guard term for people in its conscript legions)
  • Heater – slang for solid projectile weapon, referencing the generation of heat that is generated from long periods of use
  • House – despite its ties to nobility, when a ganger asks you your house, he is really asking to what Rag-King or Rag-Queen are you affliated
  • Indent – short for indentured servant. Typically these can be found in many of the noble houses.
  • Junker – usually used to describe the skiffs and barges that ply the canals of Sinophia, but liberally used to describe any scratch built vehicle
  • Juve – short for juvenile, refers to younger members of a gang
  • (to be) Kissed by an Arbite, or an Arbite’s Kiss – state of fugue/confusion or to be stunned, as if you were hit with an arbites’ shock maul
  • Mandato – Sinophian secret police
  • Rag-King or Rag-Queen – boss of an underworld organization, not at the lower gang level but more of
  • Scrapers – Crews, more gangs really, who brave the abandoned expanse of the city looking to reclaim things for use in the populated sections of the city
  • Ten-hab – short for tenement habitat, which typically contains rent controlled hab capsules (as opposed to larger residences). A single ten-hab is a building made up of multiple habs, while “tenz” are a neighborhood of multiple ten-habs. Usage: “The scrapers hit the ruin of the tenz, hoping to score something they could scavenge.”
  • Twist – Derogatory slang for a mutant, usually of non-warp origin. Also used in a derogatory manner toward non mutants.
  • Vape Gun – also known as a cooker, references melta weaponry
  • Wrecker Gang – Cannibalistic gangs that roam the outskirts of the city
  • Zoomway – high speed, several lane interstate (think Autobahn), these no longer really exist in Sinophia

KNOWN NARCOTICS This includes illegal substances as well as combat drugs.

  • Obscura – A widely used though prohibited drug in the Imperium. It produces a pleasant dream-like state which lasts a few hours, but then turns into a deep depression once it wears off unless another dose is taken. It is highly addictive and has been known to be smoked and injected directly into the bloodstream.
  • Lho-stick – A a popular Imperial narcotic, much like a cigarette, made of a rolled paper tube containing a scented plant-derived substance. The tube is lit and the resultant smoke inhaled through it, causing a mildly narcotic sensation. Lho-sticks are addictive and are common amongst the Imperial Guard and menial workers.
  • Flects – First truly noticed by the Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor. They are discovered to be psycho-active pieces of glass retrieved from Imperium patrolled and forbidden space. Flects are the pieces of window glass blown out from the devastated hives in Lucky Space, located near the Scarus Sector of Segmentum Obscurus. The pieces of hive glass had been exposed to the powers of a warp storm for several centuries. The name flects, is a word-play on “reflection” (coined by the low-stackers of Petropolis), in reference to the fact that when one looks into the piece of glass they see a “reflection” of the Warp. Sometimes it is a positive experience, other times it is not. Flects have been documented as being able to drive a human being insane, and are known to give a sense of euphoria upon gazing into its surface. They are undoubtedly Chaos-tainted. Notable users include Carl Thonius, Gideon Ravenor’s Interrogator.
  • * Gladstones* – Rocks that are slightly psyk-reactive. They can be held in the users palm of either hand, or held under the tongue. They have been documented to provide a sense of well-being (described as a warm, blissful sensation) and sublime for days, possibly weeks on a single use. However, as they alter the users state of mind, the Imperium has deemed them illegal. They are usually a pale stone (commonly yellowish in color), of small form, smooth sided, rounded and warm to the touch. They are mined on distant outworlds and are found to be extremely popular in twist clubs and lounges.
  • Grinweed – Little is known about Grinweed except that it makes the user lose all sense of reality. The name “grinweed” originates from the fact that it is known to make the user “grin” upon ingestion. It takes the form of a plant, of unknown origin, that is reputably either made into a tea, or smoked much like lho-leaf.
  • Sniff-Musk – Another little understood psycho-active drug. It is inhaled through the nose as a inhalant gas. It is usually concentrated and may be able to be utilized in an injection style ingestion. There are various purities ranging from cheap, dangerous concentrations to expensive, “pure” doses. The effect is has is relatively unknown, except that it alters the users mind-state and is deemed illegal by the Imperium. It is generally understood that sniff-musk is frequented among wealthy aristocrats, much like obscura.
  • Penshel Seeds – A very mild stimulant that have fallen into near-disuse. They are an old favorite in the artists’ quarter of Dorsay. The seeds are dried, rolled, and smoked in pipes.
  • Spook – an addictive and highly illegal psychic drug manufactured in Necromunda. The drug is created from decayed synthdiet found beneath the hive cities.
  • Admylladox
  • Black Lethe
  • Crystal Ersatz
  • De-Tox
  • Dreamjuice
  • Dreamstimm
  • Fervor
  • Idea
  • Kalma Kalma is a sedative, a very good one. No real side effects, or prolonged addicition.
  • Kyxa
  • Opiatix
  • Qash
  • Redux
  • Somna
  • Tox-Jack
  • Torpor
  • Tyche’s Kiss
  • Hesh
  • Morpho
  • Spur – ‘Spur is a cocktail of stimulants, which can increase awareness but has some rather unpleasent side effects, as it’s not the safest combat-drug in the Imperium. Despite this, it’s not an addictive drug, no more than any other at any rate.
  • Havoc
  • Frenzon
  • ‘Slaught

Barabbas' Glossary

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