Bleed Out Rules

BLEED OUT RULES (effecting “Blood Loss” pg 211)

[UPDATE: This is no longer a House Rule since my discovery of:
—The medical product Synth-Skin in The Inquisitor’s Handbook – basically “Synth-Skin” was what I thought was missing from the game.
—That Blood Loss applies only when Critical Damage Tables say it does.]

Blood Loss rules (pg 211) apply when the Critical Damage Tables say they do; there being “a 10% chance of dying each Round unless treated in some way”.

  • The first such roll, to find out if a critically wounded character bleeds-out & dies, takes place at the end of the next Round following when a character is critically wounded.
  • A successful Medicae Test staunches this blood loss & therefore ends the rolls to bleed-out (DH pg 211). Possession of a MedKit is a +20 positive modifier for this test (DH pg 148).
  • A successful manifestation of the psychic power “Staunch Bleeding” (DH pg 167) stops Blood Loss.
  • Application of Synth-Skin, per page 184 of The Inquisitor’s Handbook, stops blood loss. (It’s a spray can – Medicae skill not required.)

Bleed Out Rules

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