Flame Weapons


  • Use Roll20’s angled light function to determine 30-degree cone width out to the weapon’s max range.


  • No Ballistic Skill Test is made.
  • Target makes a Challenging Agility Test to dive a number of meters equal to his Agility Bonus. This is not a Reaction.
  • If target was aware of attack, then he has time to also make a Dodge attempt, assuming he has a Reaction available. Success means he may dive a number of meters equal to his Agility Bonus. (If a target successfully made their Agility Test, they may not also make a Dodge Test.)

Modifiers to Agility Test roll (but not Dodge Tests) are:

  • +30 if attacker is using unbraced Heavy Flamer
  • +20 if attacker does not have Skill in the flame weapon
  • +20 if attacker is firing a Basic weapon (long arm) with one hand
    Note that Mighty Shot Talent modifier to damage does not apply to Flamer Weapons because you’re not actually “targeting” anything.

Only the first damage roll made from a single flamer shot determines if there is a weapon malfunction (e.g. if there’s multiple targets hit from a single flamer shot, the damage roll to the 2nd target cannot cause a malfunction).

If damage roll comes up a 9 then there is no damage as the Flamer malfunctioned – roll 1d10:
1-2: Ignitor flame went out on weapon; target was sprayed with non-burning promethium. Remaining fuel (ammo) still good but roll BS each subsequent turn to re-light ignitor flame.
3-9: Clogged nozzle causes pressure to build blowing safety valve on fuel tank which dumps all remaining fuel on ground, preventing possible catastrophic result. Roll BS Test to unclog nozzle & then need to reload tank with fuel.
10: Flame spreads to fuel tank, which erupts in flames. Roll Agility Test (not Dodge Test) to quickly toss weapon/tank away or suffer weapon’s attack damage (to Body). If at least 1 point of damage is taken from attack then roll another AG Test to not catch on fire.

Flame Weapons

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