Original Experience Point Award Scheme

* 100 XP per 8 hours of roleplaying.
* 100 XP for being present at the start time of a session. (Start Time XP)
* 50 XP for emailing the GM the updated PDF of your character within a week of the last session.


  • Adventure Log Contribution: 50 XP for adding to the Adventure Log (200+ words) from the perspective of your character.
  • Player-Awarded-XP: Each player may award 25 XP per session to any character other than their own.
    • This Bonus XP is not mandatory. Players are encouraged to award it if something stood out to them in the prior session.
    • To award Player-Awarded-XP, players should OP-Private Message or email the GM during the week immediately after a session.
  • There will sometimes be GM-Awarded-XP bonuses of varying sizes:
    • Bonus for particularly good roleplaying of ones character
    • Bonus for finding/researching something important
    • Bonus for a good idea
    • Bonus for something related to combat


  • For a character to receive the Base experience points for a session, that player must be in attendance.
  • To receive the Start Time XP a player must be in my apartment when the start time strikes per my cell phone.

Original Experience Point Award Scheme

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