Starvation: Food & water deprivation


  • Starting with Day 1, characters take 2 levels of fatigue per day that they go without water, which cannot be recovered except through hydration.
  • When a character has gone without water more days than their Toughness Bonus, at the end of each day above that # they suffer the following permanent Characteristic Damage:
    • 1d5 Strength
    • 1d5 Toughness
    • 1d5-2 Agility
    • 1d5-2 Willpower
  • Effects for Water Deprivation stack with the effects for Food Deprivation.
  • If a character has full servings of food but no water, then the effects for Water Deprivation are halved.
    • This means characters take 1 Fatigue/day from water deprivation & can go 2xTB in days before they begin to suffer permanent characteristic damage.

The rules for characters not eating are as written on page 221 & summarized here:

  • A character can starve for number of days up to his Toughness bonus before suffering any ill effects.
  • Once that time expires, the character can no longer recover Fatigue for any reason and begins suffering 1 Fatigue each day.
  • These effects last until the character recovers with a substantial amount of food.

Starvation: Food & water deprivation

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